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The vision of the Emprise of the Black Lion is to adopt as many attributes as possible from King René's treatise and incorporate them into an event which is enjoyable for SCA equestrians, heavy fighters, archers, and spectators.


As to the makeup of the four judges, King René recommends:

And you ought to know that the appellant lord always ought to choose half the judges: that is, two from the country of the defendant lord, and the other two from his own country or elsewhere, at his pleasure: and he ought right willingly to choose the judges from the most notable, honorable and ancient barons, knights and squires that he can find, who have seen the most and travelled and who are reputed wiser and more knowledgeable about feats of arms than other men.

How the Emprise of the Black Lion is similar:

Per King René's recomendation, we also have four noble judges who lend their wisdom and experience to the overseeing of the tournament and the resolution of any conflicts.

How the Emprise of the Black Lion is different:

Unlike the judges for King René's tournament description, our judges are not required to organize the logistics of the tournament itself -- this is being done by the Barony of Madrone and the Madrone Equestrian Guild.


To advertise the tournament, King Rene recommends:

Hereafter follows the form and manner in which you should cry the tourney...
And to make this better known, all princes, lords, barons, knights and squires of the above marches, and others from whatsoever nations they are, not banished or enemies of the king, our lord, who wish to tourney to acquire honor, may carry these little shields that will be given out presently, so that everyone may know who are the tourneyers. And anyone can have them who wants: the little shields are quartered with the arms of the four knights and squires who are judges of the tourney.

How the Emprise of the Black Lion is similar:

We also pass out little shields, quartered with the arms of the four judges. Coming soon to an event near you!


All mounted competitors are encouraged to create a crest of a historically accurate size.

Heralds and Heraldry

Herald involvement and heraldic pageantry will be a major component of the Emprise of the Black Lion. Heraldry in all of its forms will be encouraged: banners, caparisons, pennants, and of course a tabard on your Herald.


All competitors are encouraged to send a letter of introduction to the noble judges ahead of the tournament, using words stylistically similar to (or directly from) the King René text.

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