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Champion of the Emprise of the Black Lion Tournament (Saturday)

The format of the "Champion of the Emprise of the Black Lion" tournament is inspired by the 1460 treatise by René of Anjou "traictié de la forme et devis d'ung tournoy".

The format for the Championship of the Emprise of the Black Lion will be the A La Carte system. What this means is that during the the morning presentation, your herald will declare the games in which you will participate. There will be SIX different choices available. You will pick FOUR by having your herald strike the shields representing the four chosen activities. You will compete in those four activities and your scores will be tallied. Scoring methods will vary from game to game, but each activity will have same maximum number of points as any other activity.

Every game score will consist of an element score (how many rings etc. for solo games, how many "wins" or breaks for paired games) as well as some points from the judges on panache, courtesy, sportsmanship and the like. Additional points may be granted at the judges discretion for other reasons, for example presentation, stunning costume and trappings, authenticity, or chivalrous behavior.

The games for the Championship of the Emprise of the Black Lion will be (click for details):

Please note that some of these activities require special authorization beyond the regular Rider authorization (Jousting, Mounted Combat). If you plan to compete in these activities, please make sure that you authorize for your chosen games before the event. Since there are four activities which require no special authorizations, it is possible to compete in the tournament without being authorized for any special activities.

Riders of all authorization levels and skills are encouraged to take part.

Noblesse Oblige Prize Tournament / Ride Before A Prince (Sunday)

Noblesse Oblige

This will be a challenge course designed by Sir Rapheal the Rogue, to be run as a Noblesse Oblige prize tournament:

The details of the course is to be determined, but will include most of the usual game elements and some trail-type challenges.

Competitors should equip themselves with sword, birjas javelin, ring joust lance, and javelin. Those without such arms can borrow from other generous knights and ladies.

For this Noblesse Oblige tournament, each rider should bring a prize to be awarded. Consider what you feel is the worth of your SCA persona and bring a prize reflecting such worth. Determine for yourself what prize would represent an appropriate gift from a noble of your stature. Previous prizes have been a promise to make horse barding to handmade, embroidered bag to handwoven braid to basket of assorted food items to a new pitchfork to help with manure control of your noble steed to......

The rider with the lowest score of the tournament may choose any prize the rider likes. Subsequent riders, proceeding from the lowest score to the highest, will choose from among the remaining prizes. The highest scoring rider will gain world fame and personal satisfaction of a successful competition.

The tournament will begin at 10 am on Sunday. Each run will last approximately 10 minutes. A sign up sheet will be posted on Friday. Competitors will gather in the stable at 9:30 am to present and describe their rare and sought after prizes. The tournament course will be explained at that time, including how to score extra style or equitation points.

Ride Before a Prince

There will also be an opportunity to demonstrate the training and poise of horse and rider before spectators. Choose up to 4 movements from period military training manuals and ride with precision and harmony. A prize will be awarded for the most impressive performance. More information here: How to Ride Before a Prince

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