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How do you pronounce "emprise"?
It's a French word meaning "undertaking", so French pronunciation rules apply. It sounds like "ahm - preeze".
I'm competing in the equestrian tournament. Do I have to compete at the canter?
No. You may compete at any gait. The game elements are scored without regard to gait, however slower gaits are an inherent disadvantage for some games. You are encouraged however to choose a gait that makes a favorable impression on the judges, for the judges will be assigning points based on their impressions.
May I vary gait between games?
Yes, you may choose any gait you desire for any one of the games. Again, the judges will reward those who put on a splendid visual presentation and display showmanship and chivalric behavior, so keep this in mind when you choose your gait.
Who is in charge?
The responsibilities are shared...
Who is in charge of the tournament?
The judges will be the arbiter for all questions related to the running and scoring of the tournament. If any disputes arise about the running or scoring of the tournament, or the appropriateness of any behavior during the tournament, please discuss it with the noble judges.
Who is in charge of tournament logistics and safety?
Take logistics and safety concerns or suggestions first to the marshal running the particular field (or the marshal in charge for that discipline for the event).

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