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We are trying to create a noble atmosphere at the Emprise of the Black Lion, particularly on the "premium" space in the infield where the nobility and well-dressed populace may enjoy the tournament and socialize.

Since one of the finest ways to increase nobility is to hear the sound of appropriate music wafting over the air, we put up a dedicated pavilion specifically for musicians.

If you play a period instrument, we invite you to come set up at the Emprise in the musicians pavilion, share your art, and mingle with other musicians. There are ample opportunities to attract an appreciative audience during the breaks of the tournament, before court, and throughout the day. There will be dancers who would love to hear you play popular period dance music in the evening as well.

We greatly appreciate the musicians at the Emprise, as it greatly increases the ambiance and quality of the event. Since the Emprise isn't a general camping event, there's no need to bring your own structure, although you may wish to bring a chair or two.

There is a place prepared for you. Consider coming and playing at the Emprise!

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