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Greetings all,

After deliberation with the event staff and branch leadership in Madrone, and with input from the modern agencies in Kittitas county, we've reluctantly come to the decision that for the well-being of participants and horses we will cancel the Emprise of the Black Lion for 2017.

This is due to the proximity of the site to five uncontained fires: the Jolly Mountain and Jack Creek fires to the North of the site, the Sawmill Creek fire to the West, and the Norse Peak and American fires to the South. With fires on three sides of the event, the air quality is highly likely to be poor regardless of the direction of the wind and the threat of evacuation would factor heavily into the calculation that people would make in deciding to bring their families and their horses.

We appreciate everyone's ongoing support for the event and recognize the many hours that have gone into planning, including artisans creating site tokens, prizes, menus, tournament designs, and other investments of time and energy into the pageantry and community of the event. We look forward to renewed planning for the Emprise again in 2018. We also thank the Barony of Vulcanfeldt for their support of the event.

In Service,

Baroness Alianora Greymoor
Event Steward
Emprise of the Black Lion

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