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Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye!

Let all people of An Tir, and of all the known kingdoms, who are not banished or enemies of the king our lord, know that there will be a great festival of arms and a very noble tourney, both mounted and on foot, with archers, crests, banners and horses covered with the arms of the noble tourneyers, as is the ancient custom, hosted by the very noble and very powerful Barony of Madrone.

Emprise XVIII will be at the lovely, hospitable Flying Horseshoe Ranch in Cle Elum, WA. Activities will span from Friday, August 26 through Sunday, August 28. More site info. For the safety of the horses and riders, service or other dogs are not permitted near the horse paddocks nor in or around the arena, and must be on a leash at all times.

Pre-registration (for people) for the event is now live, and will be open until Tuesday, August 23rd.

Pre-registration (for horses) for the event is now also live, and will also be open until Tuesday, August 23rd.

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