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Herald involvement and heraldic pageantry is a major component of the Emprise of the Black Lion.

... the heralds and pursuivants, dressed in their coats of arms,
should go crying through the city before the inns of the tourneyers:
"To honor, lords knights and squires! to honor! to honor!"

During the processional

Each competitor (equestrians, archers, and heavy fighters) will be introduced during the processional by a herald, who will speak on their behalf to the judges, ladies, and spectators.

Each competitor should secure the services of a herald for the processional. Competitors are asked to supply a script for the herald for these introductions, especially if you will be using a herald who you have not worked with before.

For equestrians, as part of this introduction, the herald will declare in which four games the competitor will participate by striking the appropriate game shields.

During the individual field games

Before taking the field for an individual game (pigs, rings, reeds, birjas) each competitor is encouraged to have a herald announce their presence.

During the paired field games

When the time comes for competitors to face each other at the paired equestrian field games (speed quintaine, jousting) it is the heralds who will be issuing the personal challenges that result in the pairings. All challenges will be issued by and answered by the heralds stationed on each end of the field, acting as the voice of the competitors.

Recruiting a herald

All tourneyers in the Emprise of the Black Lion are encouraged to recruit the services of a personal herald. No prior heraldic experience is necessary, just a willingness to take part in the pageantry. The minimum requirements for a personal herald are to introduce the competitor during the procession, however if arranged between the herald and the competitor the personal herald may also extol the tourneyers's qualities before each activity and encourage cheering from the spectators.

Matching with a volunteer herald

Competitors without the services of a personal herald may request to be "matched" with a herald for the processional. This may be facilitated as part of pre-registration, and matches will be coordinated by the Herald-in-Charge.

Equipping your herald

All competitors will be encouraged to provide their herald with a simple script of what to say. Samples in the style of King Rene's tournament book are available for inspiration.

The competitor who outfits their herald in an appropriate coat of arms is sure to catch the eye of the judges.

Volunteer as a herald

If you would like to participate in the tournament as a volunteer herald (no prior heraldic experience necessary, no improvisation necessary) please contact the Herald-in-Charge.

Loan your herald to the tournament

Competitors who have secured personal heralds, it would be very gracious of you to allow your personal herald to assist as an event herald for a game, for a timespan of approximately an hour. If your personal herald is willing to extend their services in this way, you may either provide their e-mail address as part of equestrian pre-registration or have them contact the Herald-in-Charge.

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