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Petite Pas tournament

The youth combat at the Emprise of the Black Lion will be styled as a Pas D'Armes so we are calling it the "Petite Pas".

All youth participants who pre-register for the Petite Pas before August 20 will receive a silk banner!

This very generous offer is from our friends in Wealdsmere including Baroness KÓra, Her Excellency Sigrun, and silk banner artist Braith:

So inspired by the youth combatants of An Tir are we that we wish to offer to any Youth entering into the Petite Pas at Emprise - a silk banner for the YAC field. We would love each combatant to have a hand painted silk banner, 14 x 18ish with either their registered arms (should they be that advanced) or a simple banner of a field and two charges (i.e. we find our kiddos do well with a colored field and an argent or or animal charge and maybe one simple charge in order not to conflict to much with actual registered badges) or perhaps their name, SCA family surname or their motto in their favorite color.
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