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Lady Rignach of Argyll - Premier Lancer of Madrone

An SCA member since 1989, Rignach has lived in the kingdoms of Caid, The West, Drachenwald, and currently AnTir. Horses have been an important part of her life for more than 30 years. She is an accomplished rider having completed formal training in Europe (England, France, and Austria) and the American West (Washington, Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, and California). Her training continued in 2007 when she joined the Madrone Equestrian Guild and learned to ride with weapons in events such as Pig Sticking, Speed Quintain, Reeds, Rings, Javelin Throw, Slicing the Heads off enemies, and more. Service is an integral part of Rignach’s person and she has authorized as a Junior Marshal in Heavy Fighting, Rapier, Archery, and Equestrian. She has also served on the Retinue of Their Excellencies of Madrone. In her spare time she enjoys illumination, costuming, cooking, and reading foreign treatises on equitation, tack and animal husbandry, written between 1400 and 1800.

As a Lancer, Rignach would like to encourage riders throughout the Known World to improve their equitation in the style of the classical medieval art, take superior care of their mounts, and show a level of courtesy above the normal par in our society and the equestrian community worldwide.


Rignach of Argyll is a Scottish Lady living in Burgundy during a tumultuous period in history when English, French, Burgundian, and Scottish forces were jockeying for power and influence in her small town of Beaune. She was sent by her father to work for her Uncle, a diplomat between French and Burgundian interests. To insure his partiality Rignach was married to an English husband by the Burgundian Duke. Her favorite pursuits include riding her horses through the countryside, accompanying the hunts, and acting as clerk for her Uncle. Her primary role is to act as governess of her Uncle’s vast estate, a dowry which his Burgundian wife left in his care at her passing, but which he takes little interest in managing.

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