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Anne-Marie Rousseau aka Maitresse Anne-Marie d'Ailleurs

Anne-Marie Rousseau is a cancer pharmacologist for a major biotech firm in Seattle, but grew up on a hobby farm in the Santa Cruz Mountains. She raised and showed purebred Saanen dairy goats, and rode her registered Appaloosa Pony, Lady, in trail rides through the redwoods, dollar bill races and poker rides. She rediscovered how much fun horses are about 5 years ago, and is focusing on Parelli and Centered Riding techniques.

Maitress Anne-Marie d'Ailleurs is a Baroness of the Court of An Tir, a Mistress of the Laurel and the Pelican, Regent for the University of Ithra, and former Baroness of Madrone (An Tir) as well as holder of the Carp (kingdom level persona development), and the Tsveti (baronial arts) for culinary. She is the founder of La Maisnie, a 15th century middle class Burgundian household, and has published a Complete Anachronist and three Feudal Gourmets on various culinary history topics. When riding, she is known as Ghyselbrecht Kokeman, her rather dissolute cousin.

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