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September Crown Equestrian Activities

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Core Event Info

An Tir September Crown, August 29 - September 01, 2008
Hosted by the Barony of Madrone at Meadow Brook Farms, in North Bend Washington
Event web site:
Equestrian Marshal-in-Charge:
Maitresse Anne-Marie d’Ailleurs

Equestrian Pre-Registration

Equestrian pre-registration is required. Please read the following information before pre-registering:

  • This is a primitive site, you will need to bring your own paddock. An electric paddock is fine.
  • Water for humans is not available on-site.
  • Water for horses is available on-site, special arrangements have been made to haul it in. You will need to bring a bucket to transport water a short distance from the cistern to your paddock.
  • There is a $15 per-horse haul in fee (mostly to cover the cost of hauling in the water).
  • The site is bordered by two roads, and there is no fence between the site and these roads. To provide some extra security for the paddocks, they will be grouped together in a "herd" and the entire herd will be surrounded by an additional hotwire fence. If this arrangement will not work for you, you may opt-out during pre-registration.
  • Upon arrival on site, you may be asked to show proof of vaccinations (4-way & rhino required).

(pre-registration is removed, as the event is past)

Equestrian Activities


Also cavalry drills, carousels (riding to music), trail rides, and training exercises.

Whatever your interest, from martial games to graceful equitation, you will find something for everyone and every horse. Come prepared to test the Madrone Equestrian Guild motto: "Ride 'til you bum is numb". If you don't get enough riding in, it won't be for lack of opportunities!

Three arenas will be available so that two or more activities can run concurrently, keeping wait times to a minimum and providing a warmup / schooling space available all weekend long.

Opportunities will exist for equestrian authorizations, please approach the EqMIC to co-ordinate.

Detailed schedule (subject to adjustment).


2 PM site opens
please, no horses before 2 p.m. without prior approval from the EqMIC
Evening warm up activities, potential trail rides
Authorizations by prior arrangement with the EqMIC


Before 9 AM, authorizations by prior arrangement with the EqMIC
9 AM Riders' Meeting / Ground Crew Meeting for Kingdom Equestrian Championship (arena 1)
10 AM Lists open for Kingdom Equestrian Championship, competition to follow immediately (arena 1)
10 AM, Military Drills (arena 3). A great way to get your horses (and your own) brain engaged. Join Rittmeister Frye as he puts us through simple movements as a group. No weapons are used, so all authorized riders are welcome.
Trail rides as desired
1 PM, Joust Training (arena 3). Join Rittmeister Frye and members of MEG as they help us school our horses in the joust. Exercises include desensitization to the tilt, lance handling, etc.
3 PM, Carousel practice (arena 3). Join Macha and friends as they develop a riding pattern to music. A great way to get a horse to settle after a day of gaming.
Other activities as desired


9 AM, Intro to Mounted Archery
10 AM, Noblesse Oblige Prize Tournament (arena 1)
11 AM, Military Drills (arena 3)
1 PM, Joust training (arena 3)
Trail rides as desired
3 PM, Carousel (arena 3)
Other activities as desired


Activities as desired
10 AM, Military Drills, perhaps to include a charge!
Noon-1 PM, Break down of arenas and common use areas
3 PM, Site closes and must be vacated

Other Details

Organize the activity that's dear to you...

If there's an activity that you'd really like to see happen, please contact the EqMIC to discuss. There is plenty of space and plenty of time, all that is needed is your enthusiasm to make it happen.


Please consider volunteering a few hours to help enable the equestrian activities. From help with setup on Friday, to serving as a marshal, ground crew, or waterbearer, to helping with break down on Monday, many hands make for light work. Also, the best view of equestrian activities is from the field, and the best way to get involved with equestrian activities is to volunteer. Thank you!

Facilities notes..

Here are few things you might want to bring:

  • Rakes and forks (the field will be freshly mowed, but there may be cut tall grass on the ground)
  • Water for you (humans) to drink, remember there is no human water available on site
  • Water buckets for your horse, and perhaps a small wheelbarrow to cart it in if you have one.
  • Shade for yourself (and for your horse, if you have it) as the site is an open field with no natural shade.

Equestrian "gate"

Gate sheets will be available at the equestrian area for people hauling in horses, you may proceed directly to the equestrian area. Both the site fee and the $15 per-horse haul in fee will be collected at the equestrian area.


Important: This is an alternate route. There may not be SCA signs until the site entrance.

From I-90 Eastbound:

Take Exit 27 (Snoqualmie/Snoqualmie Falls)
At the freeway off-ramp stop sign go left (under the freeway), and continue east down the hill on North Bend Way
Take the Snoqualmie-Snoqualmie Falls left-turn lane, following signs to Snoqualmie Falls, and turn left onto Meadowbrook Way
Continue downhill past the Snoqualmie Hospital entrance and through the woods
At the traffic light at SR 202 (Milk Barn on left) continue straight; you will pass Mount Si High School on your left
At the stop sign, turn right onto Park Street. Continue east on Park, past Snoqualmie Elementary School and Centennial Fields Park on your right
Proceed directly to the equestrian area -- gate sign-in will be available there for equestrians.

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