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Modern Resources

SCA Web Sites

SCA Equestrian Officer's Official site
Society Equestrian Rules (PDF file. Adobe Acrobat Reader required)
Jousting Rules and Guidelines
SCA Equestrian Waivers and Signs
InterKingdom Equestrian Competition (IKEQ)
Kingdom of An Tir
Kingdom of An Tir Equestrian Official Web Site
An Tir Book of Horse (2010) (PDF)
An Tir Marshals Database
An Tir Equestrian Reporting Forms
An Tir Equestrian Waivers
An Tir Event Calendar
Barony of Madrone

Other Kingdom's Equestrian sites

(not all kingdoms have Web sites or Equestrian Handbooks/Rules)
Most handbooks are in pdf files. You need the free Adobe Acrobat Viewer

Aethelmearc - Handbook only
Ansteorra - Handbook only
Artemisia - Handbook only
Atenveldt (No link)
Caid - Handbook only
Calontir - Equipment standards
Drachenwald (No rules)
Ealdormere - Handbook only
Kingdom of the East - Handbook only
Lochac (Rules available on members-only site)
Meredies -
Middle Kingdom - Handbook only
Northshield - Handbook only
Outlands - Handbook only

Trimaris - Handbook only
Kingdom of the West - Handbook only

An Tir and General SCA Equestrian Mailing Lists

Facebook Groups

Period Resources

Period Texts Online
Horse in period art
Extant artifacts (including museum exhibits)
Multiple items
* New York Times slide show includes bridle not seen on other sites

Roman Horse Fittings and Coins depicting Romans

Related Reenactment Resources and Articles

General Information
Autocratting in SCA Equestrian Events

How To Articles

Equipment and weapons
Caparisons and Bards
Armor for Horse and Rider




Reproductions and Online Stores

No endorsement is implied by inclusion on this site. Buyer beware!


Photo and Video Galleries of SCA Equestrian Activities

Reenactors, Modern Equestrian Games, and Equestrian Photographs

Books and Bibliographies

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