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Before practice

  • Send a reminder to lists (guildhead or steward)
  • Start a conversation on the MEG list about which games folks want to play, who can bring those games
  • Make sure everything on the "bring to practice" list is coming

Bring to practice

  • Waiver forms. The EqMIC will bring these.
  • Pens
  • Clipboard
  • Warning poster (aka Scroll of Death). Two of these live in Guillaume & Annisa's trailer.
  • Clock. One lives in Guillaume & Annisa's trailer
  • An Tir Book of Horse. The EqMIC will bring this.
  • Authorization cards. The EqMIC will bring these.
  • Table, chair. One each lives in Guillaume & Annisa's trailer
  • Game equipment that folks want to use.


  • Send a report to KEO (EqMIC)
  • Mail waivers to waiver secretary
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