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2015 January

In Attendance

Valkura, Giancarlo, Kerij-e, Julianna, Anne Mary, Bernard, Katelyn, Becky, Guillaume, Stephen with 2 dinner guests

Recent Events

Christmas Party went well, great door prize. Thanks to Katelyn and Bernard for hosting.

December practice- none

January practice- 7 horses, 8 riders. Mostly schooling and solo tilt passes

12th Night Recap- Join all the email lists- AnTir-Horse is the official list for announcements and sharing information. Join via the site - Library- Combat Shelf- Equestrian Activities- "Join the AnTir-Horse list". 2 new deputies- questions about Mounted Combat talk to Ivan, questions about Mounted Archery, talk to Duncan. From The Kingdom Earl Marshal- Equestrian marshal = marshal. Einar encourages us to volunteer for the role of Marshal activities co-ordinator at events (the event's marshal-in-charge), with deputies for each specific martial activity that is planned for the event. Turn in your paperwork, it can be done electronically. Practices and Events were discussed and dates will be posted on the kingdom website as they are available. Stephen is now a Baron of the Court of An Tir!

Upcoming Events

Next practice is February 28th. All practices have been posted on the website and the kingdom website.

Crystal has the Midhaven practice schedule

Gulf Wars- Rapheal, Guillaume, Annisa and Macha are going, Ed and Ilaria and Anne Mary may also go.

Jousting training or Day of Tilt event postponed

Baronial A&S- MEG will have a display. Crystal will create it, Jonathan will set up a video

Winter Goals

Robert - practice foam jousting and targeting and balsa jousting

Crystal Ride other horses, horse arts and sciences

Julianna - lunge horse

Patricia silk banner

Jonathan armor, haul boys out once a month in addition to practice somewhere without a fence, ride with armor on Montjoy

Becky Ride and play games and become authorized

Dawn get knee fixed

Phil mounted archery, making weapons

Caroline Rehab Sunfire, ride Cinnabar on the trail

Walt make an ecranche and start using it and get a pennant

Steven equestrian garb

Crystal posed a question about whether we want to continue to meet here, revisit in March. Everyone check out alternate places to meet

Planned practice dates:

January 17, February 28, March 28, April 25, May 30, June 27, July 11, August 8, September 12, October 17, November 14. Holiday party Dec 12

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