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MEG Meeting

2014 October

In Attendance

Giancarlo, Valkura, Annisa, Guillaume, Stephen, Katelyn, Bernard, Kerij-e, Rapheal

Event recap:

ARC, Equineox- no MEG attendance.

October MEG practice at CMTrinity- 3 horses, 5 riders. Mostly equitation and pigs, playing with lances.

Upcoming events:

November MEG practice- Saturday November 22, Maple Valley. Invite Mounted Patrol. What games?

Tack cleaning & movie watching- December 8, Kerij-e & Rapheal’s house in Preston

MEG Holiday party- December 13, Katelyn & Bernard’s house in Issaquah

Valkura & Giancarlo’s next show is November 29 in Oso.

New Business/Ideas:

Day of Tilt style training event, Spring 2015- Rapheal is doing research, planning to ask a non-SCA jouster to come as an instructor. Date & location TBA.

Congratulations to new Senior Marshals Stephen (Madrone) and Brianna (Lionsdale)

Baronial Champion- Guild shared ideas about creating some garments of office. Suggested an ecranche, surcote and caparison. Also mini-ecranche as court regalia.

Building new equipment- more tilt, some lance bases. Repair tilt bases.

Schedule a helmet-covering class/workshop.

Plan classes and activities for Gulf Wars. Ideas- helmet covers, tournament design, etc.

Made winter projects list.

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