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2014 March 27

In Attendance *************

Rignach, Steve, Giancarlo, Valcura, Rebecca, Guilluame, Annisa, Bernard, Kaitlin, and Antoine

New Business **************

  • The Denny's in Bellevue is going to be closing down sometime in August. The need to find a new meeting site has just been boosted to the top of the agenda.
    • Needs foods under $10 a plate.
    • Seating for 10-15, including minors.
    • Low ambient noise.
    • In the Factoria or Renton Landing aeras or between.
  • Reminder: Main place for communication moving to Facebook group called 'Madrone Equestrian GUild'. This is a closed group so posts are not cluttering up news feeds. Please ask a member to be added.
  • Upcoming Events
    • Baronial Banquet
      • Kaitlin has decorated wooden ponies in to match guild horses for a tabletop carosel. Super cute!
      • Currently, six guild members will be in attendance and managing gate.
    • June Faire.
      • No horses this year. No space on site.
    • Stromgard Championship
      • Baroness Ludwiga wants to know how to bolster interest in their Championship - discussion.
  • AI Kerij-e to contact her and recommend she post some information to the An Tir list.
    • Spring Event
      • Catrin & Kerij-e to EMIC
      • To be held at a practice so no Baronial Approval is required.
      • Ducks will be involved. Lots of ducks.
    • An Tir/ West War
      • A great dark silence.
    • Emprise
      • is on the caendar for the 13-15 of September.
      • Invitations will go out shortly to the list of preferred judges. Very exciting picks!
      • Temetgen has agreed to do postcards again. Guilluame is getting her text.
      • Sir Raphael is EMIC.
      • Reminder: Kate is seeking ideas for King Renee styled A&S that can be encouraged and taught prior to September.
      • Might be some out of kingdom guests this year. Let's show them what An Tir can do!
  • Upcoming Practices
    • April 19th Practice at C.M. Trinity Farm, 1-5pm
    • Practice will be open to Madrone's Sergeantry Candidates to come and begin learning about the Equestrian portion of their trials.
    • EMIC is Guillaume. He has the check now.
    • Practices will now be open to Mounted Archery.
  • 2014 Practice Schedule
    • Proposed Dates and Topics
      • Jan 18 - 6 horse, 7 riders
      • Feb 22 - 10 horse, 11 riders
      • Mar 15 - Cancelled, no marshal available.
      • Apr 19 - Sergeantry classes,Games training, authorizations
      • May 10 - Spring Duck Event, EMIC Kerij-e
      • Jun 21 - Open
      • Aug 16 - Baron's Tournament
      • Sep TBD - Reber Practice before Emprise
      • Oct 18 - Open
      • Nov 22 - Open

Old Business **************

  • Events
    • Gulf Wars was loads of fun!
      • They had two barns, several paddocks
      • foam and balsa jousting was done by seven riders
      • Guilluame met the SEO, YA!
      • lots of music
      • Piggly Wiggly, nuf said.
      • Event was larger than Estrella
      • Video from the go-pro on the tilt to be posted soon.
  • Practice
    • 0 Ground Crew
    • 0 Riders
    • 0 Horses
    • 0 Authorizations
    • No reportable accidents
  • Guild Horse and Rider map shared. Results are:
    • the center of the people is in the Newport/Factoria Area.
    • the center of the horses is near South Tiger Mountain as seven guild horses now live at the same barn. The location at Debbie's farm has improved now that the resident trainer has moved on. For the forseeable future this will remain the main practice location.
  • Website
    • Photos and Biographies on the MEG site need updating.
    • Rignach requested to write an Article about being a Lancer.
  • AI - Kate to get updated book to Kerij-e to put up on the site.
  • Classes
    • Silk Banners - Pamela has a steamer, others have all the materials and now we just need a date.
    • Helmet Covers - No Date
    • Making a mini tilt - No Date
    • Introducing a new game - No Date
    • Victorian Riding Habits - No Date
    • Kingdom Caparison - No Date
  • Misc
    • Aeschine has MEG Reins and Breast Plates for sale that she hand makes. Very nice.
    • Decals are available through Guillaume.
    • Jousting tubes available in 5 - 8 foot lengths from Guillaume.

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