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2013 September 26

In Attendance *************

Rignach, Kerij-e, Anissa, Guilluame, Raphi, Farkas, Phil, Kate, Steve, Rachel, Guliana, and Antoine

New Business **************

  • Upcoming Practices
    • October 19th Practice at C.M. Trinity Farm, 1-5pm
    • Practice will be discussed on the list.
    • Raphael to EMIC.
  • 2014 Practice Schedule
    • Kerij-e to contact Debbie re; use of CM Trinity for 2014 practices.
    • Second site is being discussed further north.
  • AI Guilluame to post distribution map of guild members and horse locations.
  • AI Farkas to update information on map
  • AI Kerij-e to contact Mid Haven re: dates of their practices for purposes of coordination, lack of conflict, and possible combination for some dates.
  • Baron Stefan's Questions to the guild
    • Question: Why don't we have a baronial equestrian officer? Do we want one?
      • Answer: No, we do not want one. We have given the duties of that officer to the current Guild Head. We choose the guild head annually and no warrant is required to be Guild Head. If there is something that the Baronage feels they are missing, we would like to discuss how we can meet their need. No one wants the additional commitment on top of their other diverse roles in the Barony.
    • Question: Do we want a Champion?
      • Answer: by unanimous vote: No one wants the job. If Baronage wants equestrian representative for events we will take turns representing the Barony when required. We will endeavor to increase our Guild bling to be more visible at events where guild horses are present (arm scarf, coolers, etc.).
    • Question: The Baron wishes to hold a tournament quarterly at our practice in a prize tourney format. What are our thoughts?
      • Answer: This would be possible, but the format would need to be discussed as there are some riders in the guild not interested in riding their horses in marshal games. The idea for making these tournaments a place to trial new experiemental games was favorable. More discussion is required.
  • Upcoming Events
    • High Brow Hack
      • at Bridle Trails
      • Oct 19th Same date as practice
      • Guild split on attending both practice and event.
      • Non-SCA event run by S.A.F.E.
      • Ride is $25 per person with or without horse. Includes ride through the park and high tea.
    • Spring Event
      • Kate & Kerij-e to EMIC
      • To be held at a practice so no Baronial Approval is required.
      • Ducks will be involved. Lots of ducks.
  • Work Parties
    • Jousting Tubes - order being prepared by Guilluame, more to come
    • Silk Banner Making - six people expressed interest and Rignach will follow up after the Emprise with a date.
    • Kerij-e has a line on the used heads from a beauty school. $5 each.

Old Business **************

  • Emprise
    • 240 through gate.
    • 26 riders, 12 competitors, 14 horses.
    • No reportable accidents.
    • Raphael won tournament.
    • Fill out your after event feedback forms.
    • Fran won Noblese Oblige Tournament.
    • Miranda won stall contest.
    • Crest display never happened.
    • Need to update feedback form to get more imput on non-Equestrian elements of the event.
    • Best Pas d'Arms evar!
    • discussion on doing it again next year. Favorable.
    • Baroness of Aquaterra asked us to move it later into September to accommodate their two events the two weekends before. Discussion on the dangers of poor footing and rain causing the event to have to cancel large portions of activities. Unfavorable to move later due to safety issues.
  • AI Guilluame to discuss 2014 dates with Jinx.
  • Classes
    • Helmet Covers - No Date
    • Making a mini tilt - No Date
    • Introducing a new game - No Date
    • Victorian Riding Habits - No Date
    • Kingdom Caparison - No Date
  • Misc
    • Aeschine has MEG Reins and Breast Plates for sale that she hand makes. Very nice.
    • Decals are available through Guillaume.
    • Jousting tubes available in 5 - 8 foot lengths from Guillaume.

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