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MEG Meeting

2013 August 22

In Attendance *************

Rignach, Kerij-e, Johannes, Landinn, Aeschine, Anissa, Guilluame, Raphael, Valcura, Giancarlo, Raphi, Shannon, and Antoine

New Business **************

  • Upcoming Practices
    • August 24th Practice at C.M. Trinity Farm, 1-5pm
    • Practice will include new games styles for Emprise
    • September 7 Practice to be at Reber Ranch the week before the Emprise.
    • Challenge Course will be set up and games bug checked for Emprise.

AI (Action Item) : Aeschine to post diagrams of challenge course

  • Upcoming Events
    • September Crown
      • Chehalis Area
      • Championship to be run as last time
      • Riderless Horse Ceremony Scheduled
      • Friday Night there will be a MEG Cooler Assembly Workshop. Location TBD.
    • Emprise
      • All judges confirmed.
      • Pizza Party in Barn Saturday Night.
      • Extensive discussion of final details of event.
      • Sunday will have mounted archery and a challenge course sponsored by Aeschine.
      • Herald in Charge has requested that you hire herald soon.

AI (Action Item) : Raphael to make pigs in three sizes.

AI (action Item) : Guilluame to bring foam bits from work party to practice for Aeschine.

AI (Action Item) : Kerij-e to post stall decoration details.

  • Work Parties
    • Prize Painting - Kerij-e and Anissa to organize
    • Billet Boards - Master Sean's House Tuesday the 10th
    • Jousting Tip Making - 130 tips cut, shaped, and painted!
    • Jousting Tubes - order being prepared by Guilluame, more to come
    • Silk Banner Making - six people expressed interest and Rignach will follow up after the Emprise with a date.
    • Tilt Repairs - Painted red tilt
    • Kerij-e has a line on the used heads from a beauty school. $5 each. She bought new ones.

Old Business **************

  • Classes
    • Helmet Covers - No Date
    • Making a mini tilt - No Date
    • Introducing a new game - No Date
    • Victorian Riding Habits - No Date
    • Kingdom Caparison - No Date
  • Misc
    • Aeschine has MEG Reins and Breast Plates for sale that she hand makes. Very nice.
    • Decals are available through Guillaume.
    • Jousting tubes available in 5 - 8 foot lengths from Guillaume.

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