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2013 May 23

In Attendance *************

Rignach, Johannes, Emily, Raphael, Phil, Valcura, Giancarlo, Raphi, Shannon, Annisa, Guilluame, and Kate

New Business **************

  • Upcoming Practice
    • May 25th Practice at C.M. Trinity Farm, 1-5pm
    • June 15th Practice at C.M. Trinity Farm, 1-5pm
    • Tilt Work, Behord Training (equitation, no blows), Quintain
  • Upcoming Events
    • Grand Thing May 25th
      • Northern Oregon
      • Conflicts with May Practice
      • Pre-Reg is closed
      • Several people planning to go
    • Clean up day for Gordon and Neb June 15th
      • as a thank you for use of their property
      • all day
    • Jousting Symposium June 28th
      • Charlie Andrews
    • West/ An Tir War July 4th
      • Horse camping is next to EQ area
      • Raph needs a head count of horses coming in
      • The Challenge will happen on the main fighting field
        • Joust or Behord (possibly Mounted Combat)
        • May need some people on hand to set up the tilt and man the field if Joust occurs
      • There are 10 stalls in the barn $25 per night
      • Hay can be ordered on site
      • There are 1-2 corrals $15 per night
      • No haul in fee
      • Space for modern and period horse camping
      • Sponsored activities include Jousting, Quest/Trail Challenge, Challenge Course
    • South Sound Unity Aug 3rd
      • No horses at event
    • S.A.F.E. Show Aug 3rd
      • MEG sponsored costume class - come play, test your Emprise kit out
    • Crown
      • at Nix Ranch
    • Emprise
      • Some judges confirmed
      • Wyewood officially hosting the event with Madrone
      • 5th is next planning meeting
      • Temetgen made super cool cards, plus a spoof card (So cool!)
  • Officer Elections
    • Mistress Kerij-e: Guild Head
    • Rignach: Steward

Old Business **************

  • May Practice:
    • in two days
  • May Crown
    • Raph's class had 4-5 attendees.
    • Vision of what was possible was given.
    • Site was much better this year, still breezy, but manageable.
  • Wool Coolers with MEG Heraldry
    • Passed out coolers.
    • Money collected for heraldry kits.
  • Work Parties
    • Jousting Tip Making - No Date
    • Jousting Tubes - order being prepared by Guilluame, more to come
    • Silk Banner Making - cancelled, Kerij-e to reschedule.
    • Tilt Repairs - No date
  • Classes
    • Helmet Covers - No Date
    • Making a mini tilt - No Date
    • Introducing a new game - No Date
    • Victorian Riding Habits - No Date
    • Kingdom Caparison - No Date
  • Misc
    • Aeschine has MEG Reins and Breast Plates for sale that she hand makes. Very nice.
    • Decals are available through Guillaume.
    • Jousting tubes available in 5 - 8 foot lengths from Guillaume.

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