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2013 January 24

In Attendance *************

Rignach, Guillaume, Annisa, Johannes, Landinn, Kerij-e, Raphael, Phil, Dawn

New Business **************

  • Practice
    • February Practice at C.M. Trinity Farm, 1-5pm (Note: New time)
      • Tilt Work
      • Behord Training (equitation, no blows)
      • Quintain
  • Events
    • An Tir/ West War
      • Groups need to step forward and sponsor activities
    • Emprise
      • Guilluame took first bid to Curia
      • Practice will be at Reber the week before the event
      • Dates set for Sept 21-23
  • Advertising
    • Safe Show - $50 to sponsor a class. In past Guillaume paid out of pocket because of charity matching through his work.
    • Fall City Parade - Mid June. Guild to sponsor a group to ride in full costume. Everyone bring out the spiffy!
    • More ideas to come.
  • Video upload site
    • MadroneEqGuild on Youtube - use it!
  • Discussion on poo and monkeys.

Old Business **************

  • January Practice:
    • Cancelled for lack of insurance, Johannes apologized for confusion, insurance is in place for the rest of the year.
  • May Crown
    • No horses.
    • Guild will support a class on making equipment. Raphael to sort out details.
  • Police Horse Visit - Date penciled in for March 1st. Rignach to confirm and post directions to farm.
  • Spring Event at Fall City Riding Arena - Kerij-e to present idea to Madrone at Curia. Possibly present the idea to neighbors if the Barony is not interested in a horse only event.
    • Kerij-e to EMIC the event.
    • She will find site info, nothing new to report.
  • Ursulmas
    • Display will not be likely, notice too short.
  • Work Parties
    • Jousting Tip Making - May?
    • Jousting Tubes - order being prepared by Guilluame, more to come
    • Silk Banner Making - March 23rd at Rouge Haven
    • Tilt Repairs - No date
  • Classes
    • Helmet Covers - No Date
    • Making a mini tilt - No Date
    • Introducing a new game - No Date
    • Victorian Riding Habits - No Date
    • Kingdom Caparison - No Date
  • Winter Goals
    • Guillaume - Make a banner, Get horse fit, Prepare a wish list of armor
    • Giancarlo - Make a pourpoint
    • Valcura - Rehab Cinnabar, Trailride Sunfire
    • Johannes - Update MEG site with pictures, Finish doublet, Make 3 Renfaire tabbards
    • Rignach - Architectural plans for Emprise Dias, Get horse fit, Make Victorian Riding Habit
    • Alianora - Learn to make pewter buttons, retain sanity
    • Annisa - Make Victorian Riding Habit, Make saddle clothes for Kerji-e and Franchesca, Ride in costume
    • Aeschine - Make a Victorian Riding Habit, Edit horse brush paper for competition
  • Misc
    • Aeschine has MEG Reins and Breast Plates for sale that she hand makes. Very nice.
    • Decals are available through Guillaume.
    • Jousting tubes available in 5 - 8 foot lengths from Guillaume.

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