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MEG Meeting

2012 September 27

In Attendance *************

Giancarlo, Valkura, Rignach, Guillaume, Annisa, Johannes, Kerij-e, Landinn, Julianna, Aeschine

Old Business **************

  • Emprise:
    • Discussion of removing "allez" from the Joust.
    • Only one delay, saddle failure.Otherwise, everything ran on schedule.
    • Guillaume has joust video which will be a great training tool.
    • Anne-Marie also has video of the Emprise.
    • Guillaume has opened a Youtube Site for MEG. Access will be sent to individuals, not posted publicly. See him.
    • 21 Competitors Saturday.
    • Side Note: Equestrian Forms do not reflect the type of events which are being run today. They are out-dated.
    • Rignach to send South Seattle Saddle Club contact info to Guillaume for Emprise Site 2012 possibility.
    • Feedback forms are only going to Guillaume, not whole list. He will fix.
    • Aeschine running Challenge Course for 2013. She will write up details and post it early.
    • Discussion of making a judge's dias for 2013.
    • Pizza in the barn was a great idea!
    • Alianora did an awesome job as Event Steward!!! Thank you from the Guild!!
  • September Practice
    • At Reber Ranch
    • 10 horse, 17 Riders, 3 Authorizations.
    • Delivered stuff for Emprise.
    • Mid-Haven came and played!
  • Demo at UW
    • For future Demos Illuminate MEG Sign Board.
    • Goal: Integrate 7-8 new comers

New Business **************

  • Practices
    • October 20th, November 17th.
    • 2013 dates to be agreed at Nov Meeting.
  • Winter Goals
    • Figure them out for November Meeting.
    • Meeting date changed to 29th to miss holidays. Same location.
  • Police Horse Visit - Rignach to co-ordinate dates.
  • Spring Event at Fall City Riding Arena.
    • Now City Parks are Managing the site.
    • Kerij-e to EMIC the event.
    • She will find site info.
  • December 8th : Holiday Party at Rignach's House.
    • Same format as before. Bring a recycled gift, wrapped, if you want to participate in a gift exchange.
    • Rignach will provide dinner with veggie options.
    • Bring a dessert to share and beverage favorites.
    • This year we will have the Band Hero and other things up and running! YA!
  • Proposed Classes for 2013
    • Silk Pennants
    • Saddle Cloth
    • Banners
    • Classes for new members to help them make kit!
    • Need dates and places to hold the classes
  • Misc
    • Aeschine has MEG Reins and Breast Plates for sale that she hand makes. Very nice.
    • Decals are available through Guillaume.
    • Jousting tubes available in 5 - 8 foot lengths from Guillaume.

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