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2012 August 23

In Attendance *************

Giancarlo, Valkura, Elizabeth (the small), Rignach, Guillaume, Annisa, Emily, Johannes, Raphael, Kerij-e, Alianora

Old Business **************

  • Site Visit to Sept Crown Site.
    • Footing is good on field.
    • May be some challenges if the site gets wet and heavy traffic tears up the ground.
    • Plan for mud or dust.
    • Bring your own water supply.

New Business **************

  • August 25th Practice:
    • Games: Quintain, Musical Horses, Pigs, Joust Training?
    • Expected horses: Gigi, Zara, Sunfire, Duchess, Willow?
    • Kathleen's new horse = Nadira Al-Zara
  • Thessill's Memorial
    • August 29th, 7pm
  • Emprise:
    • Insurance has been achieved. $$$Saved!
    • Food: Need to contact about food truck.
    • Pre-Registration is up to $25 a night or $50 for the weekend.
    • Sat 8th is Practice:
    • This Sun 26th Sunday clean up for Emprise at Kerij-e's house.
    • New Quintain for Robert
    • Autocrat Reber walk through is happening is the 26th.
    • Challenge course. Consider and let Robert and Crystal to know about heads or reeds.
    • Rignach will become Lancer. Court at 5. Show up with horse.
    • Guillaume to bring joust lances.
    • Robert and Guillaume to bring 2 joust lance bases each.
    • Guillaume still has tubes available.
    • Guillaume to Send banner email.
    • Guillaume to provide new standard banner if you need one on Saturday.
    • No food will be provided at event for any meal. Bring your own food.
    • Situation about stalls - status update required.
    • Reeds have been replaced by Quintain.
    • Noblesse for Sunday.
    • Emily to be stall Mom.
    • How to get hooked up with a Herald. By Alianora.
    • Prizes for everything after each event. Plus prizes for archers, heralds, heavies, etc...
    • 15 points per game. The person who gets most points per event gets the prize. Judges can award extra point.
  • Sept Crown:
    • Many are going but few are camping.
    • Discussion about the site.
    • Potential driving issues if it rained 4 days in a row ahead of time like it is expected...
    • Bring your own water.
    • Camp in the EQ area if possible.
    • Raphael to give clinic about Crest combat
    • What equipment should be brought?
    • Miranda's Tournament.
  • An Tir- West War 2013:
    • An Tir Hosting
    • EMiC is Sir Raphael the Rogue.
      • Challenged the entire EQ community to Joust, Bhord, Mounted Combat.
    • Will need an Assistant EMiC.
    • Needed an Equicrat.
    • EQ area won't be back and away, but closer and more integrated.
    • Sir Raphael will need a groom for the weekend.
  • AS50:
    • MidRealm, Indiana
    • 3 years from now.
    • Let's go as a guild
      • Scrim sheets
      • Pro Hauler
      • Guild Jackets
      • Take all the horses from MEG and fill any stalls in the rig with neighboring Shire/Barony horses
  • Misc
    • Aeschine has MEG Reins and Breast Plates for sale that she hand makes. Very nice.
    • Decals are available through Guillaume.
    • Jousting tubes available in 5 - 8 foot lengths from Guillaume.

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