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2012 July 26

In Attendance *************

Alianora, Rignach, Valkura, Giancarlo, Guillaume, Annise, Aeschine, Johannes

Old Business **************

  • Day at the Manor
    • Rethink financial aspect of pre-paying Gate and paying for Classes in same check
    • 6 horse, 6 riders, 130 gate
    • classes happened
    • people had fun
    • donkeys got loose
    • 2 new riders
    • A few teacher cancellations due to various reasons.
      • Low attendance
      • life...
    • Ground driving class canceled.
  • Merrymore Park Demo
    • Beautiful demo.
    • 90 people at gate.
    • 14 new contacts from gate.
    • Anne-Marie had something like 19 people at the follow up class.
  • Coronation:
    • No horses.
    • No problems carrying things to site.
      • Close by.
    • Not a lot of site organization
    • VR Codes were a hit.
    • Flyers were handed out about Emprise for "Pony Prom"
  • Midhaven Championship
    • Tournament had to be stopped due to heavy rains.

New Business **************

  • Stormgods:
    • Little publicity
    • No one seems to be attending
  • Emprise
    • Pony Portraits for the Pony Prom.
      • Perhaps before the procession.
    • Guillaume volunteers to collect pictures for website.
      • Each person to submit their favorite picture of themselves from the Emprise
    • Discussion about how registration works.
    • Crier copy went in for the August and Sept
    • Renting weights from company from Seattle Center
      • Abbey Party folks
    • Staking might be able to happen.
      • Jeff, the owner said so.
    • Owners easier to work with in person rather than on the phone.
      • Road trip!
    • Formal site walk through should now be mandatory due to change in staking aspect.
    • Idea for putting event at one end rather than at the center.
    • Another idea of moving fighting to the infield.
    • Ask Rauokin and Sir John about the event.
    • If we move fighting to the infield, then what about shade for the fighter?
      • No to random pavilions from populace.
    • Discussion about platform for Judges.
    • Quick discussion about Sunday plans
    • Court on Saturday.
  • Sept Crown
    • Belfaire, North of Bremerton
    • Horses! and Ferries.
      • Seems like most people are driving around.
    • It is normally a motor cross track.
    • Questions about the field itself.
  • August 25th Practice
    • Non garb
    • Zara for first practice
    • Low key.
  • Insurance needed for Sept 9th Practice at Reber Ranch.
  • Tsuroko is liason;
    • Volunteer about helping out with EQ activities at event.
    • Rignach willing to set up a time to check out the site.
    • Ivan is EMiC
    • Miranda is setting up the speed tournament
  • Misc
    • Aeschine has MEG Reins and Breast Plates for sale that she hand makes. Very nice.
    • Decals are available through Guillaume.
    • Jousting tubes available in 5 - 8 foot lengths from Guillaume.

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