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2012 June 28

In Attendance *************

Guillaume, Annisa, Constantia, Heinrich, Aeschine, Alianora, Johannes

Old Business **************

  • Last Practice:
    • Video was taken.
    • Confusion about what to do and how much to participate while Trial was going on.
    • Perhaps next to designate a day for the practice to become a the trial.
    • Cooridantion of events seemed awkward to those not involved.
    • Rignach would like to see any pictures from the event.
    • Discussion about what it is to be a Lancer or Sergeant from Heinrich.
    • Pas de Deux was very nice.
  • Very sad about loss of Thessill.
    • Discussion.
  • Grand Thang:
    • No horses brought from here.
    • Horse event.
    • Macha's Pelican ceremony.
    • Mounted procession into the court.
    • It rained.

New Business **************

  • Merrymore Park:
    • People Bringing Stuff
      • Black Saddle from William.
      • Margauries Saddle
      • Chamfrom from Kerij-e
      • Emprise Post cards Johannes
      • Weapons from Guillaume
    • Location, Details, Times
      • Setup by 10:00
      • Closes at 4:00.
      • by the climbing wall.
      • By the Vellodrome
      • $1 for the park.
      • Can drive on grass.
  • Orientation on the 17th.
    • No garb.
    • Anne-Marie giving talk
  • Day At the Manor:
    • July 14-15th
    • Need list of horses by July 1st.
    • Closing Registration possibly on the 6th.
    • Due to Reber needing a stall count give final count a week before event.
    • Needed from Guild:
      • Tilt, Ropes, Marshals.
    • Aeschine will need final schedule first.
    • Discussions on expectations.
    • Gate help would be nice.
    • Sprinkler system puts hamper on tent spikes on infield.
      • Try using weights.
      • Will find out for this and Emprise.
    • Adding info to Kingdom and Wyewood websites.
    • Register if you haven't already.
    • Activities and instructors are lined up.
    • Next meeting at July 5th at Starbucks in Issaquah.
    • Discussions about expected attendence.
      • Competing activities on same weekend both SCA and Non-SCA
  • Emprise:
    • Bev Accepting.
    • Gordon will be backup.
    • 3 accepted judges so far.
    • Site layout issues.
    • Dante's Infernal Dogs
    • Sean will do pewter tokens.
    • Planning meeting will be announces.
      • July is tough.
    • Cards and flyers will be up at July Cornation.
    • Will be traveling down to An Tir West War.
    • Flyers will be handed out at Wyewood demo with the Scouts.
    • Again, no stakes on the in field.
      • Straw bales would be like stakes.
  • Website:
    • Updates will be happening.
    • Let Johannes know
    • Dates and pictures.
    • New articles.
    • Pdf's of authorization cards and waivers.
  • Misc
    • Aeschine has MEG Reins and Breast Plates for sale that she hand makes. Very nice.
    • Decals are available through Guillaume.
    • Jousting tubes available in 5 - 8 foot lengths from Guillaume.

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