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2012 February 23

In Attendance *************

Guillaume ; Annise ; Johannes ; Kerij-e ; Aeschine ; Giancarlo ; Valkura; Anne-Marie

Old Business **************

  • Feb Practice was deemed a success.
    • William ran the event.
    • Warm up, tilt, rings, quintain and pluvenel.
  • Annise and Keri-e discussed their continued work on the Kingdom Comparisons.

New Business **************

  • Next Practice will be ran by Guillaume.
    • Sat March 17th at Trinity.
    • Garb optional. Guillaume will update website.
  • Comparison work meeting potentially Sun March 11th at Annise's house.
  • Field trip to the Midhaven Eq practice for all interested. March 11th.
  • April Practice - Sat April 21st.
    • Kerij-e is running this one.
    • This will no longer be a 'demo' but rather a 'bring a friend' practice.
    • This one will be in garb.
      • Perhaps a 'picture day'
  • 'Demo' practice discussed.
    • Perhaps again at Ferrel-McWhorter later on in the year.
  • Day at the Manor update
    • It now has an official name.
    • Still rounding up teachers
    • Trying to arrange a mounted falcon demo
    • Trying to set up a website for the event
    • Will need to gather more marshals
  • Emprise
    • Trying to run it like last year.
    • Alianora will be the Autocrat
    • Guillaume will be the vision coordinator.
    • Offical submittal to Barony will happen at the next Baronial Curia
    • This is still considered a MEG event.
    • The date is still Sept 15th
    • There will still be a set up and practice one week before.
    • Alianora will need to contact Rene for the insurance.
    • We now have 3 different quintains available to us for the event.
    • Will need to make more pigs.
    • Is the tilt too high? Discussion.
    • Is the tilt long enough? Discussion.
    • Appreciation given to Raphael for all his work on maintaining and storing all the equipment.
    • Would like to have a viewing stand made for the judges.
    • Discussion on who we would like to ask as judges this year.
      • A few names thrown out were: Bev, Barric, Thorin, Steingrim, and Colin Debrey (excuse my mispelling of any names here)
  • Events we might be at this year
    • Mentioned: May Crown, Grand Thang, June Faire, An Tir West, Midhaven's Championships, July Coronation, Day at the Manor, Stormgards, Autumn War, Sept Crown, Emprise, and Last Chance
    • Actual Horse events for MEG: Grand Thang, Midhaven Championships, Day at the Manor, Stormgards, Sept Crown, and the Emprise
  • Winter Goals (for the next month or two)
    • Anne-Marie: Ride horse 2 days in a row
    • Guillaume: Need armor
    • Annise: Buy fabric for Comparisons
    • Kerij-e: Get Stuart through his Eagle in the BSA
    • Aeschine: Write paper for A&S
    • Giancarlo: Garb
    • Valkura: Knee is now working again, PT Complete, Sunfire is doing much better
    • Johannes: Garb and camp boxes.
  • Misc
    • Aeschine has MEG Reins and Breast Plates for sale that she hand makes. Very nice.
    • Decals are available through Guillaume.
    • Jousting tubes available in 5 - 8 foot lengths from Guillaume.

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