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2011 July 28

In Attendance *************

Guillaume ; Annise ; Aeschine ; Johannes ; Anne-Marie ; Rignach ; Naomi ; Kerij-e

Old Business **************

  • Stormgods Recap
    • Fun had by all.
    • Rapheal won 2 awards
    • Great ideas and prompting for next year at Stormgods
      • We should create a Perfect/Improve list
    • Advance info needed before event.
    • Someone to write article about 'What would someone need/expect in order to come to your event.
      • A facilities checklist.

New Business **************

  • Brief chatter about 2012 Autumn War and who was going.
  • Brief chatter about Sept Crown and who all is bringing horses.
  • EQ Collegium
    • Still looking for site.
    • Putting together info to present to Barony
    • Rignach is asking for ideas on the types of classes.
      • 4 Main Tracks cover: Combat Riding, Stuff Ya Wanna Know, General Riding & Make A _____
    • William has interest in teaching.
    • Kerij-e has interest in teaching on how to autocrat events.
    • Advertise to people 'to bring' or 'not to bring' their horses
    • The focus will be to gather information from all the knowledgeable people here in An Tir.
    • Requirements for site:
      • 2 Arenas, 2 Area for Classes, 2 days worth of classes, camping.
    • Rignach is gathering info on all the sites she is visiting and will publish a journal that others can add onto.
    • A brief discussion on Instructor Insurance.
  • Emprise X
    • Conversation about the pitchers being made.
    • Need to order insurance.
      • Now we will need 2 of them 1 for practice 1 for event.
    • Bio Security
      • Should bleach/clean stalls 1 week ahead of time at set up practice.
    • Online notebook has been sent out.
    • Start pre-registry now. 6 weeks advance of event.
    • Talk to Reber about creating a break in the inner fence.
    • Chris from Wyewood pulled out of food. Talks are happening withe the Madrone Culinary Guild.
    • Menu Discussed
      • How many people are they "seating" for food?
    • Backup judges discussed.
      • Will find out about Heinrich of the West before Aug 1.
    • Both of Their Majesties will be there.
    • Decorating from Wyewood is a 'go'
    • Spike will be the Heraldic Crier
  • August 28th is the next practice
    • Kerij-e volunteered to be EMIC of Aug Practice
    • Rignach is bringing a few friends.
    • Games for next practice = Speed Quintain, Quintain, Rings, Pigs and Reeds (maybe heads).
  • Discussion if practices should continue next year and to what frequency.
    • Group said yes and continue with the once a month.
    • Should we have pre-reg for practices?
    • What would be the circumstances to cancel a practice?
    • Sponsoring an event = $50.
      • Discussed sponsoring the Costume Class
      • "Emprise of the Black Lion : A Medieval Tournament" & the URL
  • Misc
    • Aeschine has MEG Reins and Breast Plates for sale that she hand makes. Very nice.
    • Decals are available through Guillaume.
    • Jousting tubes available in 5 - 8 foot lengths from Guillaume.
    • 1st Thursday of the month work parties take place at Rignach's house.

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