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2011 June 23

In Attendance *************

Guillaume ; Annise ; Aeschine; Johannes

Old Business **************

  • Lionhearts
    • No horses on site for event.
    • EQ archery practice was enjoyed by all.
    • Many stick horses made their appearances.
    • Rignach made her announcement to begin her trial for Madrone's first Lancer!
  • June Practice
    • 3 horses 2 riders 6 Guild Members in attendance.
    • Practice included Rings, Quintain and Tilt.
    • New horse barding was shown off from Annise on Duchess.
  • Outbreak
    • Seems to be at completion for An Tir.

New Business **************

  • Conversation about the Order of the Lion & the Lance
    • Need better definition of the Order.
    • Need a description for charters / scrolls
    • What sort of title does this grant?
    • What are their 'students' called. (i.e. Cadet)
    • Email has been sent to Miranda for further discussion.
  • Emprise
    • What games are up for discussion
      • Currently suggested are: Rings, Bhjord, Birjas, Speed Quintain, Quintain, and Jousting
      • Currently suggested for exclusion: Reeds.
    • Emprise meeting notes to be posted soon from Guillaume.
    • The Draft for the Crier was read to the group.
    • New post cards have been created and will be mailed as personal invitations to as many horse riders as we know about.
    • Attendance
      • 105 @ $10 will allow us to break even. We had 130 in attendance for Emprise VIII and 200 for Emprise IX.
      • This year, due to the Heavy Tournament and Their Majesties in attendance, we could expect between 150 - 250.
      • Last year's gate was $12. Proposing making the gate $10 this year.
    • Conversation about ways to set up Rings.
      • It seems that having 2 tilts set up with Rings in between as well as Ground Crew would work best.
      • Discussion of whether 2, 3, or 4 passes would be best. It seems like most are leaning towards 3 passes with just 1 ring available to collect on each pass. This would make the game more like joust training and in keeping with the spirit of the King Renee's joust theme.
    • Judges confirmed (please excuse spelling): Thorin, Baric, Steingram. Invitation to Heinrick of the West has been sent for the 4th.
  • Equestrian Collegium
    • Potential time frame is July of 2012.
    • Site location is still being sought.
    • Ithra inclusion?
  • July Coronation Gate Help
    • Guillaume has asked that those from MEG help Madrone in running gate at July Coronation.
    • Gate Bingo suggestions are being taken. Please send ideas to Guillaume. (i.e. A car with 20 stickers on bumper, person who forgot their tent out of state, etc...)
  • Meeting Location
    • Continue to meet at Bellevue Library.
    • May need to change meeting contact person for Library.
  • Next Practice is July 10th.
    • Conversation on why attendance at practices has been waning.
  • Misc
    • Decals are available through Guillaume.
    • Jousting tubes available in 5 - 8 foot lengths from Guillaume.
    • 1st Thursday of the month work parties take place at Rignach's house.

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