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2011 May 26

UPDATE Since the Meeting 5/27 **************************

  • Sir Rapheal, the EMIC for Lionhearts, has determined that due to the EHV-1 virus that has spread through many horses throughout all western states, that there will be no horses at Lionhearts this year.
    • Guillaume is looking for alternate Equestrian Group activities on the Guild elist.

In Attendance *************

Guillaume ; Annise ; William ; Johannes ; Rapheal ; Constantia ; Alexandra ; Anne-Marie ; Roslynd (Emily)

Old Business **************

  • Practice Recap
    • May Practice - Small turnout. Pouring rain.
      • 3 Riders & 4 horses
      • Hot Coco was made
      • 2 new authorizations. William for Ground Crew and Melissa for Mounted Gaming
      • Games included: Rings, Pigs, Javelins, Heads, & Reeds
  • Next Practice is June 18th.

New Business **************

  • Horse EHV-1 Virus discussion
    • Currently EQ is 'on' for Lionhearts. If anything changes Rapheal will make the call and let everyone know.
    • Both Grand Thang and June Faire have had EQ canceled for each due to the Virus.
  • Lionhearts
    • June 10 - 12
    • Same location as the last couple years.
    • Autocrat = Constantia
    • EMIC = Rapheal.
    • Show of hands on who was still bringing horses. It seemed unanimous. the only exception we know about is Macha.
    • Idea brought up of instead of using a hose in bleach water to use a bucket separate from the horses buckets to dispense water.
    • There will be no public water trough for the horses.
    • Hand washing stations will be set up.
    • Vacinations should be up to date for the horses attending.
    • Rapheal has requested 4 people to assist him in setting up the Boundary and Uber Paddocks on Friday. EQ setup starts at noon (ish).
  • Emprise
    • We have two judges confirmed so far. Thorin and Baric. Optional judges were named. List of names will be presented both to Their Excellencies as well as to the other judges in attendance for approval.
    • Alexendra has potentially made herself available to Guillaume as the co-autocrat for the day of while Guillaume is on horseback.
    • Wyewood has officially given their approval to have the event once again within their borders.
      • They have asked for the usual and expected 10% profit.
    • Hot Dog vendor has be asked to attend for the whole day rather than just for lunch.
    • Both Wyewood and Madrone Culinary Guilds are to do a combined dinner event.
    • Anne-Marie will give advise to Guilds about Menu.
    • Further Emprise details are to be discussed at an Emprise specific meeting Tuesday June 14th at Master Sean's house.
    • Discussion about having Procession at mid-day again. Pro's and Con's mentioned. Leaning towards keeping Procession as a morning affair.
      • This still includes both Fighters and Archers.
    • Guillaume mentioned the need of Gate Keeper.
    • Awards given by Guild are only for Champions of each of the events or as the Guild sees fit. All other awards will need to come from elsewhere.
    • Guillaume will share a DOC On Link about all things Emprise. Linkage coming soon.
  • Discussion about the possibility of having a Baronial EQ Officer.
    • What that would include? How does that effect the Guild?
    • Consideration is due to the combative status of the Guild. It could be deemed appropriate to report directly to Their Excellencies like the Fighters, Rapier and Archers.
    • Guillaume will follow up with Cire.
  • Yearly Guild Election
    • Johannes receives most votes and Guillaume receives second most votes (7:6).
    • Johannes passes on Guild Head postion in favor of remaining Guild Steward. Guillaume remains Guild Head with the knowledge that if he would like Johannes to take over running the meetings (in case of his work load outside of SCA or whatever) he will.
  • Misc
    • Decals are available through Guillaume.
    • Jousting tubes available in 5 - 8 foot lengths from Guillaume.
    • 1st Thursday of the month work parties take place at Rignach's house.

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