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MEG Meeting

2011 April 28

In Attendance *************

Guillaume ; Annise ; William ; Johannes ; Rignach; Naomi; Cire; Rapheal ; Kerij-e

  • We were at the new meeting location this time at the Bellevue Public Library, Room 3.

Old Business **************

  • Practice Recap
    • April Practice "Rocked!" This was at Trinity. 8 Horses and 7 riders were in attendance. Both Arenas were used. Joust Training, Speed Quintain, Quintain, Pigs, Birjas, Carousal.
      • Recommendation for a Potluck on site. BBQ & Microwave available. Blessing of owner.
  • Waiting to hear from Felicitae about practice with Shadra.

New Business **************

  • Lionhearts
    • June 10 - 12
    • Same location as the last couple years.
    • Autocrat = Constantia
    • EMIC = Rapheal.
    • Sat Schedule: Carousel, Challenge Course, Mounted Archery, Personna Challenge
    • Sun Schedule: Military Drills, Trail challenge, Dressage elements, Bardic/Equestrian
    • Whole Weekend = Trail, Speed Quintain, Joust Training,
    • MEG to host Sat Cocktails per normal.
      • Big Lighting will be needed.
    • Entire site will be designated as Equestrian. Waivers to be signed at Gate.
      • Question: Should we do the same thing for the Emprise?
    • Meet & Greet for the horses. Idea from Anne-Marie
    • Riders Processional will be after the Baronial Pancake Breakfast early Sat morning.
    • Baronial Championship Tournaments will still be held at Lionhearts.
    • We will need more T-Post for the über-paddocks.
      • We still have our T-Post puller and setter with Rapheal.
      • We still have our water barrels with Rapheal. Water will need to be contracted for again.
    • Question raised about when EQ events should happen while other activities occur on site. Are we a distraction?
      • His Excellency's response: "Oh well. People will just have to pick and choose what they want to watch."
  • Emprise
    • We have two judges confirmed so far. Thorin and Baric
    • Question: Should a judge not accept, what should we do? Other judge possibilities were discussed. Lady Judges were discussed.
    • Judge Co-oridimator was discussed. Duties of postion.
    • Archery to be run by Evrard/Ismania/ & Dearbhail.
    • Chris from Wyewood has some interested in doing Food again this year. Guillaume is to meet and discuss further with him.
    • We will contact the Madrone Culinery Guild about any interest in helping with food this year. Contact people discussed.
    • Prizes again this year will be awarded to the winners of each of the Tournaments.
      • Kerij-e and Annisa will do more painted pottery this year. Vase or Urns seemed to be the choice.
      • Other areas for possible prizes to be given were discussed. Most Chivalric, Costuming, Personna, Best Herald, etc...
    • There is no Gate Officer for Madrone yet. Guillaume should speak with the Exchequer.
    • We should speak with Wyewood again about decorating the Arena. They did such a fabulous job last year.
    • There was discussion about a joint Chatelaine Table be set up for both Madrone and Wyewood to share.
    • In-Field Tents were discussed.
      • last year we had 4 tents.
      • This year more could be used. We would again like to get the Baronial Tent set up.
      • Discuss arranging the field and tent set up with the Archers ahead of time.
    • Johannes to be Ground Crew and Equipment master once again.
    • Speak to Emily (Roslynd) about running barn again.
    • Herald Discussion
      • Have Emergency Herald's available but encourage all to find their own Herald ahead of time.
      • Questions of if this should be a Requirement to enter the Tournament.
      • Suggestion: Entrant could receive more points if their Herald does a better job.
    • Suggestion: Letter of Intent be required and posted at event.
    • suggestion: Should the games be condensed, made shorter? Possibly allowing more time for the Processional.
    • Suggestion: Should it also be required that Archers and Fighters wishing to enter their respective Tournies also have to do the Processional?
  • Decals were distributed to those who ordered them.
  • MEG at other events this summer:
    • Bring Joust training Equipment to all the events.
    • Hocktide (without horses)
    • May Crown (without horses)
    • Grand Thang. Joust Training
    • June Faire. Joust Training.
    • Lionhearts. Joust Training.
    • July Coronation. (without horses?)
    • Sept Crown?
    • BlackLion Emprise.
    • Stormgaard. Joust Training.
  • Misc
    • Jousting tubes available in 5 - 8 foot lengths from Guillaume.
    • 1st Thursday of the month work parties take place at Rignach's house.

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