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2011 March 24

In Attendance *************

Guillaume ; Annise ; Aeschine ; Felicitae ; Johannes ; Rignach; Elizabeth; Rapheal ; Kerij-e ; Anne-Marie ; Constantia ; Heinrich ; Kiera ; Brianna ; William ; Katie

Old Business **************

  • Practice Recap
    • March Practice "Rocked!" This was at Trinity. 5 Horses and 6 riders were in attendance. There are 3 spaces available to use including an indoor (covered) and outdoor arenas. There are modern facilities and 'marvelous" footing available.

New Business **************

  • New Meeting Location
    • Kerij-e to look into a possible new location as we are starting to become too big of a guild for Denny's. Some options included the Bellevue, Factoria or Mercer Island Libraries.
  • Shadra has offered to have instructional classes / practices at her home for thrown weapons. Felicitae to follow up with Shadra.
    • Brief discussion on wish for unmounted practices. Possibility was mentioned of combining with Thrown Weapon practice.
  • Baronial Banquet April 9
    • Description was given for new comers.
    • Get your pre-reg in now. Deadline is March 30.
    • Request for a guild table once again.
    • Banner painting as an activity to start at 1:00 will be sponsored by our guild.
    • Court to begin at 3:30 with His Majesty in attendance.
  • Lionhearts
    • June 10 - 12
    • Same location as the last couple years.
    • Autocrat = Constantia
    • EMIC = Rapheal.
    • Forms collected that Guillaume requested. Goals and Hopes were reviewed for each.
    • Having at a minimum of 2 Equine activities happening at once with the Challenge Course worked well.
      • Examples are Challenge Course, Archery and perhaps something else.
    • Request to have the Speed Quintain at the event.
    • Request for Joust training.
    • Let Rapheal know about what he needs to bring to practices for the event.
    • "Big Ass Foam Dragon" was mentioned as an activity.
    • Give a Demo for the Bards so they understand what a "Challenge" consists of for the Emprise.
    • Invade the Bards encampment.
  • Emprise
    • Discussed and reviewed goals and wishes from the forms collected.
    • Possible minions available from Kiera.
    • Challenge other Baronies to attend. Not necessarily just for the equestrian part but for fighting or archery as well.
    • We will expect a large Fighter turn out as we are part of the Fighter Contest that many are participating in.
    • Forthcoming Emprise meetings will be done by subarea.
      • Ex: Games, Food, Fighting and Archery, Other...
  • Guild Website
    • Kerij-e will send out an email on thoughts & ideas for improving the site.
    • One suggestion was to have a factual page for nutrition info and such.
  • Decals
    • First round of orders taken for Guild Stickers which will come in 3 sizes 6 Inches ($2.99), 8 inches ($6.59) or 14 inches ($9.59).
    • Contact Guillaume for orders as he will be putting in a batch order soon.
  • Winter Goals
    • Are done for the season...
  • 2011 Practice Dates
    • April 24
    • May 15
    • June 19 (?) this is the weekend after Lionhearts
    • July 10
    • Aug 28
    • Sept 11 at Reber
    • Oct 23
    • Nov 5 (Remember remember...)
    • Dec (no practice) but on the 10th will be the MEG Holday Party
  • Misc
    • Jousting tubes available in 5 - 8 foot lengths from Guillaume.
    • 1st Thursday of the month work parties take place at Rignach's house.

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