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2011 January 27

In Attendance *************

Guillaume ; Annise ; Aeschine ; Felicitae ; Emily ; Johannes ; Teresa ; Gian Carlo ; Valkura; Rignach; Elizabeth; Landinn

Old Business **************

  • 12th Night
    • 'They' have asked for a Horseless Rider ceremony at July Coronation this year at Midhaven.

New Business **************

  • Practices:
    • Farrel McWhirter worked well last year with the exception of the Boy Scout invasion.
    • Felicitae has recommended the Northwest Natural Horse Center (NWNHC)
      • 2 Arenas. 200 ft and a 150 ft. Covered. Well lit. Bathrooms. wash racks.
      • Could run tilts along the road.
      • Cost is a question.
      • Discussed having an informal/unofficial practice there for February.
      • Insurance was a question if it was needed or not for the informal practice.
      • Question on Haul in fees?
      • Barn owner = Hutch
      • Question of how binding a contract would be to potentially break if we had to.
  • 2011 Practice Dates
    • March 20
    • April 24
    • May 15
    • June 19 (?) this is the weekend after Lionhearts
    • July 10
    • Aug 28
    • Sept 11 at Reber
    • Oct 23
    • Nov 5 (Remember remember...)
    • Dec (no practice) but on the 10th will be the MEG Holiday Party
  • Lionhearts
    • June 10 - 12
    • Same location as the last couple years.
    • Autocrat = Constantia
    • EMIC = ???
    • Questions from Her Excellency:
      • What would we need differently from last year? Helpers for set up.
      • Autocrat meetings were held and were helpful last year despite low attendance.
      • Where to put Horses this year? Both footing & visibility were mentioned.
    • Discussion on running the Competition mid day on Saturday may have issues with the heat.
    • Discussion on trying out the park near the end of May to find best footing area.
  • Emprise
    • Espresso Cart will be available this year.
    • Practice will be held on the 11th of Sept before event at Reber.
    • Pre Haul In of equipment on that date.
    • Sir Rifkin (sp?) is the New Snr Heavy Marshal in Charge.
    • Contract has been filled out and turned in all ready for this year.
    • Monthly meetings will begin in March for the Emprise.
  • Misc
    • Jousting tubes available in 5 - 8 foot lengths from Guillaume.
    • 1st Thursday of the month work parties take place at Rignach's house.
    • Giant 4H take sale at the Monroe Fairgrounds Sunday Feb 27th.

Winter Goals **************

Rapheal: Make changes to barding. Refine chamfron // Felicitae: Brakes on horse in progress, non sticky gas pedal on horse. // Anne Marie: Improve SCA gaming kit. Keep horse sound.// Annise: Harness almost complete. Training. Replace Wardrobe (continue). Work on Scrolls. // Guillaume: Continue lessons. Improve seat for sparky horse. // Aeschine: Garb for Emprise. Continue with progress on Willow // Teresa: Wardrobe. Work towards games at Canter is coming along. Training for both horse and rider. // Valkura: Get a new knee (Feb) Booked for March 8th // Gian Carlo: Still working on new garb. // Emily: Continue work on Roslynd personna. More clothing. Keep horse sound. // Johannes: Continue on Landsknecht garb. Make combat javelins for guild. // Rignach: Scrolls and Charter work. Upgrade camp equipment. Armor dummy for armorer. // Landinn: Engaging newcomers. More activity. Learning to delegate. // Elizabeth: Upgrade encampment. Sittng Pavilion. New garb for Emprise.


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