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2010 October 28

In Attendance *************

Guillaume ; Annise ; Aeschine ; Felicitae ; Anne-Marie ; Emily ; Rapheal ; Johannes ; Teresa ; Gian Carlo ; Valkura ; Jason ; Shannon ; Amelia ; Brandon ; Kenny

Old Business **************

  • Practice:
    • Good attendance.
    • Rain was annoying.
    • Pigs, Quintain, Birjas and Rings were all set up.
  • Emprise
    • 200 at Gate
    • $1400 in profit. Share $400 with Wyewood.
    • Reports from website sent around
    • Friday's ride was welcome. Keeping it as a blocked off time frame was considered important.

New Business **************

  • Emprise 2011
    • Reber again for next year.
    • 3rd weekend in Sept rather than 4th due to Their Excellencies request.
  • Practice November 21st.
    • Last Official Practice of the year.
    • Still at Farrel McWhirter
  • 2011 Practices
    • Considering new sites.
    • Tasks handed out to contact various alternate practice locations.
    • Considering an unofficial practice in December.
  • 2011 Meeting Location was discussed. For now, we shall remain at Denny's.
  • Javelin throwing workshop at Felicitae's place.
  • General chit chat about combat javelins.
    • Pros: Liked running through the fighters.
    • Cons: Disliked running through the fighters.

Winter Goals **************

Rapheal: Make changes to barding. Refine chamfron
Felicitae: Brakes on horse, non sticky gas pedal on horse. New name for Mocha.
Anne Marie: Improve SCA gaming kit. Keep horse sound.
Annise: Continue work on Duchess Harness. Training. Replace Wardrobe.
Guillaume: Take lessons. Improve seat for sparky horse.
Aeschine: Define goals. "Blah, blah, blah."
Teresa: Wardrobe. Work towards games at Canter. Training for both horse and rider.
Valkura: Get a new knee (Feb)
Gian Carlo: Work on garb.
Emily: Develop Roslynd personna. More clothing. Keep horse sound.
Johannes: Landsknecht garb. Make combat javelins for guild.


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