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MEG Meeting

2010 August 26

In Attendance *************

  1. Guillaume # Annise # Aeschine # Felicitae # Anne-Marie # Emily # Kerij-e # Rapheal # Johannes # Ragnar # Bergdis

Old Business **************


  *  Good attendance.  
  *  Heads, Tilt, Bourgis and Speed Quintain were all set up.  

Baronial Social

  *  1 new Banner made purposefully for Emprise
  *  MEG and Personal MEG banners were worked on. 

New Business **************

Sept Crown

  *  It sounded like about 6 horses will be attending from MEG
  *  Location = Glymm Mere

Practice = Sept 19th.

  *  Ground Crew Classes and General Gaming Authorizations
  *  This will be an Official Practice
  *  Tilt and other Emprise Tournament measurements will be taken.

Emprise - Reber Ranch. Sept 24 - 26

  *  Create assignable tasks for Friday.
  *  Online registration should be ready to go around Sept Crown.
  *  Note for Next year's processional: Try having processional at lunch or mid-day.
  *  Make sure announcement for Sunday Tournament and Prizes happens.
  *  Which tents are going up in the infield?  Baronial, Wyewood, Rahpeal's...
  *  Ask Etiennette about nex years dates for the Emprise. 

Next Emprise Meeting will happen after Sept Crown on the 9th at Guillaume's House.

We need to start thinking about practice dates for next year in order to get things reserved now.


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