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2010 July 22

In Attendance *************

  1. Guillaume # Annise # Aeschine # Rignach # Teresa # Anne-Marie # Gian Carlo # Valkura # Emily # Kerij-e # Rapheal # Johannes

Old Business **************

Joust Practices

  *  Unofficial practices have been occurring Fall City and Katherine Taylor with Tilt.
  *  They are open to other games too.
  *  Tubes "Cores" have been acquired.  
	* Previous length was 5 feet with the lance total at 10 feet.  
	  Experiments will begin with 6 and 7 ' cores as well.

July Coronation

  *  Guillaume was awarded the Jambe de Lion!
  *  No horses were in attendance.  
  *  New An Tir Book of Horse has been signed off on. Guillaume will send around shortly.

Lionheart's Feedback

  *  Questions posed was "Was the expense for horse and rider a little too much?"
	*  The overall cost averaged out.  $10 per horse.  16 Riders = $160.
	   Insurance ran $100 and water about $50.  
	*  Decided that as long as the event pays for itself then we are all good. 
  *  PDF was discussed on how to organize events.  This will be re-addressed after the Emprise.

New Business **************

Sept Crown

  *  Her Majesty has declared that everyone needs to have a banner that will participate.  
  *  Potentially we can have banner painting at the Baronial Socials.  The normal cotton / paint banners.
  *  There is no EMIC currently assigned for the event.
  *  Location = Glymm Mere
  *  Pre-Reg is necessary for horse and rider by August 15th.

Wyewood Championship on July 24th.

Midhaven Championship on July 31st.

Emprise - Reber Ranch. Sept 24 - 26

  *  Insurance has been acquired for both the event as well as practice.
  *  Tilt is now fully painted.  The Quintain still needs the counter weights.
  *  During the Joust Practice or the Practice before the Emprise, we need to get
     get the measurements for the tilt.
  *  Heralds
	*  We are now actively recruiting bards.
	*  Offering new techniques on recruiting heralds.
	*  If a rider does not have a herald, then one can be assigned.
		*  Assigned Heralds will not act as personal lackies.
	*  Countess Elizabeth will be the Herald in Charge.
		* Guillaume has her contact info.
  *  Sunday's Challenge Course will be based on the Legend of Beowulf.

Work Party is scheduled for Aug 13/14th at Rogue Haven.

Practice = August 22nd.

Next Emprise Meeting is August 5th at Guillaume and Annise's house.

Largese for Pensic has been requested as well as Sept Crown, etc... from Her Majesty.

  *  Little painted wooden horses were discussed.  
  *  Need to set up a  wooden horse painting party.

MEG automobile stickers were talked about and a count taken down. These will come in two sizes, small and large.

Scrim Horse Sheets in MEG colors. Order now through Aeschine to get them by Sept Crown. About $30.


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