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2010 May 27

In Attendance *************

  1. Guillaume # Annise # Aeschine # Rignach # Anne-Marie # Gian Carlo # Valkura # Emily # Kerij-e # Rapheal # Johannes # Felicitae # Heinrich # Elizabeth

Old Business **************


  *  2 Practices since the last MEG Meeting. 
	*  Opinions of new location were positive.
	*  FAQ Sheets discussed and need to be created.
	*  We could use larger signage.
	*  Noted that we do not offer rentals so authorizations should be planned before coming to a practice.
 	*  Noted that we should clarify statement of "You don't need a horse but just horse interest to play".  
	   Alternate suggestion: Even if you do not have a horse, there are still many horse activities..." 
	*  Revisiting instructions on games that are new for people should happen.
	*  Publish that we offer Ground Crew classes at practices.	

May Crown

  *  Annisa became a Laurel!!! 

New Business **************

Practice Update

  *  Crystal volunteers to become the EQ Chatelain.
  *  Next Practice will be June 20th.
  *  Recommended that we only have 3 lanes of activities at one time to eliminate congestion. 
  *  This forthcoming practice will be Reeds, Burgeous, and tilt. 
  *  Bring weapon stands.

Lionhearts - Northbend. June 11 - 13th

  *  Need to begin work on Quintain
  *  MEG banners need to be completed.
  *  Fencing and Fence chargers were discussed.   Maybe extra stalls can be made.
  *  Suggestion: Perhaps send out email about extra trailer space and paddock space.
  *  Wednesday before event will be a packing party.
  *  Marshals handed out check lists from Rignach.
  *  Pre-Registration email to be sent out by Rignach.

Emprise - Reber Ranch. Sept 24 - 26

  *  Insurance not yet created.  Guillaume is on top of this.
  *  Will create Shields for advertising.
  *  Heralds
	*  Will need two walking heralds.
	*  Perhaps a competition for the Heralds.
	*  Challenges for the Heralds.
	*  There will be a meeting of the Heralds at Sept Crown.
	*  Tabards should be provided by riders for their Heralds.
	*  Remember to allow for extra time for verbose heraldry.  And that we time for this on the schedule.
	*  Remember that Heralds are retainers, water them, allow them free entry, feed them.
  *  Banner announcement will be sent out.
  *  Double check marshal cards are not expired before the event.
  *  Baronial change over may happen at the Emprise.
  *  Create book of measurements for all the events at Lionhearts.

New Meeting Place for May's Meeting

  *  New meeting location will be scouted out by Guillaume and Kerij-e

Annual Guild Elections

  *  New Guild Head will be Guillaume.
  *  New Guild Stewart will be Johannes (heh, that's me.)


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