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2010 March 25

In Attendance *************

  1. Guillaume # Annise # Aeschine # Rignach # Gian Carlo # Valkura # Emily # Anne Marie # Becky # Kerij-e # Landinn # Johannes

Old Business **************

Emprise meeting happened.

  *  11 in attendance
  *  Timing and Roles were discussed.
  *  Next meeting will be 1st Thursday of April

Lionhearts meeting happened.

  *  5 in attendance
  *  Layout discussed.
  *  Insurance ordered.
  *  Their Excellencies worried about how our schedule will work with the Tournaments.
  *  Next meeting will be April 11th.

March EQ practice (unofficial) happened.

  *  4 Horses in attendance
  *  Met some new people who showed interest.

New Business **************

April 10th Baronial Banquet.

  *  Banner class, Heraldry Class, Gate, and Eating together were discussed.
  *  Banner Class
	*  Cost was estimated at $12 for materials.

April 25th Official Upcoming Practice at Ferel McWhirter Park

  *  Need to make more pigs
  *  Use of Round Pen will be prohibited.
  *  Arrive time = 12:00.  Start Time is 12:30.  End time is 4:00.  Departure time is 4:30. 
  *  Create and Post our own Rules.  Laminate to use for future if possible.
  *  On site chirurgeon with first aid kit.
  *  Landinn will act as Chatelaine.
  *  Hand outs for SCA and MEG as well as business cards should be made available.
  *  Waivers for all within arena.
  *  This will be a garbed event.
  *  Pop up tent?
  *  Kingdom website should be updated with event.  Kerij-e

May 15th Demo - 9:00 AM until dusk

  *  Bring Handouts for MEG
  *  Discussion: We need to attract more people without horses.

June Faire - Dragonslaire. June 4-6

  *  Yes, EQ events will happen.

Lionhearts - Northbend. June 11 - 13th

  *  Question: Should stallions be allowed?
  *  Estimated 18 - 22 horses.
  *  Question: Should straw or hay/grass bales be used.
	* How and who will dispose of bales after the event?
  *  Lionhearts EQ schedule quickly ran through.
	*  Saturday = Mounted Drills, Trail Challenge, Carrousel, Joust practice, EQ Party
	*  Sunday = Challenge Course 
  *  Question: Should a white board be brought for schedule posting?
  *  Question: Would we (as a guild) like to have a Baronial EQ Champion?
	*  What would qualify them? 
		*  Challenge Course winner, Best Presentation, yearly point accumulation, etc...
	*  This should be discussed with Their Excellencies
		*  Question:  With current Excellencies as a Legacy, or something new for the forthcoming Baron and Baroness?
  *  Water for event discussion.

Emprise - Reber Ranch. Sept 24 - 26

  *  Next Thursday is the 2nd meeting at Guillaume's home.
  *  Guillaume will send a reminder email.
  *  Discussion:  Tasks filled and unfilled for event so far.
  *  Wyewood Culinary Guild discussion.  
	* 3 meals discussed.  Sat Lunch and Dinner, sun Lunch.

Discussion: Mounted Archery

Discussion: General chatter of nominating a general MEG Chatelaine(s).

Winter Goals *************** Update: No new updates


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