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2010 January 28

In Attendance *************

  1. Guillaume # Annise # Aeschine # Gian Carlo # Valkura # Emily # Becky # Anne Marie # Felicitae # Raphael # Kerij-e # Johannes

Old Business **************

December MEG holiday parties were both a success.

12th Night Report

  *  Guillaume is the Deputy to the KEO for Balsa Jousting.
  *  General call for Largesse
  *  Notes were posted for the night on the An Tir List
  *  Congratulations again to Annise for her invitation to join the Laurels.

January Unofficial practice

  *  A success overall
  *  A couple comments were made to park staff both positive and negative.
  	* The negative comments were from a couple riders who could felt that they could not use the arena while we were there.

New Business **************

  *  February Practice is on the 21st
	* Location at Farrel McWhirter Park again.
	* Alternative location could be Katheryn Taylor
 	* Rebar seems to be out of the questions unless we are will to pay for it. 

  *  April Mounted Archery & Marshal Clinic 
  *  April 18-19 Hocktide Emprise
  *  April 18-19 SRS Low Countries Muster
  *  May events: Stomgard, Grand Thing, and May Crown
  *  June Events: June Faire, Lionhearts
	*  Rignach volunteers as EMIC

  *  Emprise 	
	*  At Rebar again
	*  We have secured the same judges as last year.
	*  Need to work on banners
	*  Gerard is asking about Heralds.
	*  Need someone to take charge of getting more Heavy's there.
	*  Separate meeting will be arranged to cover more of these topics.

  *  Baronial Banquet is this April.  All should come.

  *  Web Site
	*  Web work to be updated by Kerij-e and Annise.
	*  Updates to articles

  *  Question to Guild
	*  Are you getting everything out of the Guild that you want to get out of the Guild?
	*  Bring answers to next meeting.

Winter Goals *************** Update

Guillaume = Banners have been sketched. Progress on Equitation. Elmer training continues.

Annise = Progress on training. Materials purchased.

Valkura = Renn Shirts purchased. Progress on horses shoe nails retention

Gian Carlo = Continuing work on Garb.

Emily = Made it to a practice.

Anne Marie = Found and in new barn. And rehab complete. New goal: ride 1 CMP per month.

Kerij-e = Clothes progress made. Barding has been started.

Raphael = In progress.

Johannes = Continues work on becoming Marshal. Started Rapier practice.

Felicitae = New goal: Not to break stuff.

Aeschine = New goal: Willow training. Make an entry for Kingdom A&S.

Rignach = not present to report.

Teresa = not present to report.


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