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2009 November 19

In Attendance *************

  1. Guillaume # Annise # Aeschine # Rignach # Teresa # Gian Carlo # Valkura # Emily # Anne Marie # Felicitae # Rapheal # Johannes

Old Business **************


New Business **************

All praise Aethelmaer.

2009 Dec Practice.

  Originally planned for Griffinwood but it was asked if we can find a place closer to home.

2010 Practice Schedule

  2 Maps have been published for guild use.  
	First is of potential practice areas around us.
	Second is of where we all stable our horses as of Dec.

  Winter = Oct - Apr
  Summer = May - Sept

  Things to think about when consdering a facility:
	* Parking for multiple trailers
	* Ask about cancelations and refunds due to weather conditions.
	* Insurance an issue.
	* Is it big enough to share.   We are not 'share' friendly.

  Winter facilities discussed:
	Reber - Covered arena. May have exclusive cost.  Guillaume to check.
	Fall City - Covered.  Large.  May have exclusive cost.  Rignach to check.
	Paradise - Covered. Large.  Haul in fee.  Emily to check.
	Gold Creek - Covered.  Large.
  Summer facitilies discussed:
	Katherine Taylor
	Hollywood Hills
	Reber (nice to practice there before Emprise)    

December Meeting is canceled.

  Dec 12th party at Rignach's homestead.
  Dec 19th party at Annise's homestead.

After Thanksgiving Ride is set for Sunday Nov 29th.

  Email Anne-Marie for details

2010 Emprise Discussion

  Next year's submission has been made.
	Note: It does conflict with Banner War.
  We will try to get 2011 date penciled in now so that Banner War will not conflict going forward.

Winter classes and workshops.

  Let's start thinking about things we can work on now for the Emprise.  
	Examples:  Banner Painting and Heraldry.
  Let's start attending Baronial Socials more often and talk up the Emprise and perhaps
  have our classes there.

Winter Goals ***************

Not addressed this week.

All praise Aethelmaer. :-)


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