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2009 October 22

Old Business **************

Emprise Feedback:

  Yes, we do want to do this again next year.
  Delegate tasks earlier.  Spread the load.  Pitch in more.
  Judges had good time.
  The Archery Marshal was excellent.
  More minions needed from Barony.
  We need to 'Up' the bar in increments
  Local advertising might bring in more spectators.
  Next year > Sept 24-26
    Conflicts with Banner War
  We should discuss any issues ahead of time with Reber.
  More 'A' frame boards needed.
  We need a "Quarter Master" to keep an inventory of the guilds posessions. 
    Rignach to gather info.

New Business *************

Griffinwood Practice:

  Sunday, Official.  10:00Am
  Speed Quintain, Rings, Rope Tilt, Heads

Griffinwood Practice:

  Dec 27th

Holiday Caroling:

  Sat before Xmas.  12:00 - 2:00
  Novelty Hills, Bridal Trails.

Practices for 2010:

  Practices at Reber.
  Need more ideas for locations.
  Would like a form for people to fill out about places they know about or would recommend. (Kerij-e)
  Sundays are still the best day.
  Would like a list of barns in the areas with comments.  (Rignach)

Lion Hearts:

  Date in flux.
  Barony has asked us for a list of places to have events with horses.

Next MEG Night:

  4th November meeting as been moved to the Thursday before, Nove 19th.

Winter Goals ***************

Guillaume =

  * Publish MEG banner standards
  * More Guild banners (4 would be handy)
  * Penants.
  * Update jousting equipment
  * Guild gate box
  * new Heavy Quintaine
  * Improve Ring Targets
  * Light Weight Quintain??
  * Refresh Website


  * Duchess Training
  * Start barding pattern
  * New Crest for Guillaume for Emprise


  * New clothes
  * Horse shoe nail retention.

Gian Carlo

  * Continue new garb
  * new lance.

Anne Marie

  * New barn
  * Rehab for horse and rider.


  * New clothes
  * New Barding
  * New Chamfron


  * Floral Comparison Ensemble


  * 20 Minute ride without horse Tying up.


  * Surviving a horse practice.  Not Perishing.


  * Learn to sew
  * Continue Dressage practice.


  * Get a horse.
  * Sew a wardrobe for family.
  * Continue Snr Marshal training
  * Put projects onto 3x5 cards & finish.


  * More practices
  * Work on more garb for herself and the horse.


  * Finish Snr Marshal training
  * Riding Lessons
  * Rapier Lessons (Rapier kit)

MEG in general:

  * Investigate new games like Carousel. 
  * Update equipment.


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