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2009 August 27

In attendance = 14 # Guillaume # Annisa # Anne-Marie # Felicitae # Rignach # Aeschine # Johannes # Emily # Evrard # Gian Carlo # Valkura # Elara # Rapheal # Kerij-e # Baron Ragnarr # Baroness Bergdis

Meeting Notes: recorded by Johannes .

Old Business

	Hot but was good to show support for Driffa and Miranda.
 Aug 9 Practice
	In attendance: 4 peeps and 5 horses.
 Sport of Kings
	Equestrian classes given by Annisa, Guillaume and Edward.

New Business

 Sept Crown:  Sept 4 - 7th.
	Party at Ann-Marie's tent at the Main site.
	Sounded like 3 horses from MEG will be attending.  Gigi, Bordain, and Willow.

 Sept 10th Work Party at Rogue Haven: Banner painting and Weapon Refurbishing.

 Sept 17th Work Party at Rogue Haven: Packing night.

 Sept 19th Practice:  Unofficial practice at Reber
	Bring horses at 12:00 noon.  

	1. Points from Guillaume:
		A. We are not to over work ourselves. Everyone gets to play
		B. Trust the Schedule.  We will keep to it.
		C. Be "the Bar" of who you want to be.  
	2. The event schdule was discussed for EQ, Archery and Heavy.
	3. Friday Sept 18th will be the Final Pre-registration date for horses and stall assignment.
	4. Publicity
		A. Shield flyers were shown off.
		B. Pdf's of flyers will be forthcoming.
	5. The list of invidual's responsibilities were read off.
	6. The Judge's Ladies seating should be with the Baron and Baroness as with all the snacks.
	7. Letters of Intent
		A. Please post on the An Tir Horse email list.
	8. website mentioned:
	9. Archery Tournament discussed
		A. Many new Shoots will be arranged other than the traditional York Shoot.
	10. Site Tokens have been made by the Pewter's Guild.
	11. Still need Gate and Parking Peeps.

 Oct 9th Baronial A&S Weekend
	1. Date for Submissions is Sept 9th.
	2. At the Kirkland Church.


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