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2009 July 23

In attendance = 14 # Guillaume # Annisa # Anne-Marie # Felicitae # Rignach # Aeschine # Johannes # Emily # Etiennette # Nathanial # Kit # Thomas # Rapheal # Kerij-e

Meeting Notes: (thank you Johannes!)

 Discussion on Lionhearts
   Read through online comments and major issues were discusses from improving next year.
 	1. Morning events are best due to heat.
 	2. Need more shade for horses and equestrians.
 	3. Is it time for a Madrone Champion?
 	4. Shifting time slots and competing with baronial events
 		a. Analogy of "Feasts" mentioned in that a horse event is like a feast.  
 		    Like at a feast, once the food (horses) are prepared and ready to go, 
 		    there really isn't time to let the event wait.
 	5. Need to educate event organizers and clearly state EQ needs.  
 	6. We need a larger presence in Court.
 	7. Horses in Court was fun.
 	8. Speed Quintain event frustrated all.
 	9. Challenge Course was a success.
 		a. running two courses at once still an issue.
 	10. We seemed to learn from last year's mistakes and would like to correct this 
 	      years mistakes next year.
 	11. Try having event staff help with set up and take down of paddocks.
 Upcoming Events:
 	Stormgods in Portland = ??	
 	Griffinwood Practice = Aug 9th
 	Sport of Kings = Aug 20-23
 	William Tell = Aug 29th
 	Sept Crown near Salem =  Sept 5th
 	Acorn War = Sept 12th
 	no event = Sept 19th  (although practice was discussed)
 	Emprise = Sept 26 - 27th
 Practice Dates:
 	Griffinwood = Aug 9th
 	High Valley = Sept 19th  (19850 SE 127th St., Issaquah, WA 98027)
 Work Nights:
 	Equipment maintenance.
 	Banner painting.
 	Thursday nights?
 	Insurance has been ordered.
 	Email the Equis list for communications
 	Loose schedule
 		Friday = Set Up
 		Sat Morning = EQ / Archery / Heavy Presentations
 		Sat Afternoon = EQ / Archery / Heavy Tournaments
 		Sat Evening = Court, Dinner and Revel
 			Etiennette is arranging main course.  Potluck should cover rest.
 		Sunday morning = EQ Challenge course
 			Fighter classes were also discussed.
 		Sunday afternoon = Tear down and clean up.
 	Other random topics:
 		OK to use Baronial Pavilion
 		Large Lockers may be available
 		Check on Concession booth and can it be moved?
 		Estimated at 150 paying attendees.  
 		New weapons racks will be needed.
 		Volunteers will be needed for gate.
 		Prizes for Tournaments and Overall.
 		No sleeping in stalls.
 		What would it take to bring back Judges on Sunday.  
 			Mounted combat?
 			Fighter classes?
 	List of what positions have been filled and still need to be filled... (from what I heard)
 		Autocrat = Guillaume
 		EMIC = Kerij-e
 		Food = Etiennette and Anne-Marie
 		MIC of Archery = Evrard
 		MIC of Heavy = Steven?
 		Stalls / Barn Manager = Emily
 		Challenge Course = Johannes
 		Ground Crew wrangler = Johannes
 		Voice Herald = Gerard
 		Decorations = Wyewood???
 		Site Tokens (same as last Emprise) = Pewters Guild
 		Baronial Wrangler = Eleanora
 		Judge Wrangler = ???
 		Equipment Wrangler = ???
 		Gate = Miriel???
 		Lists = (someone was mentioned but I missed it)???
 		Parking = Wyewood
 		Revel Organizer = Treharken (sp?) or Countess Elizabeth of Wyewood???

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