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MEG Meeting

2009 January 22


Guillaume, Annisa, Felicitae, Valkura, Giancarlo, Aeschine, Rignach, Kerij-e, Johannes, Emily

Old Business

  • Meeting Report, 12th Night Marshals meeting (Guillaume)

New Business

  • 1st choice Emprise date is possible! A big "thank you" to Baroness Bergdis for her efforts to enable the date.
    • MEG would like to help with Baronial banquet as a way of saying "thank you".
      • We'd like to do a display too, and put our heraldic billets on the table.
  • GW practice dates
    • Insurance is ordered for the following dates:
      Sunday February 22
      Sunday April 26
      Sunday August 9
      Sunday October 25
      Sunday December 27
  • Rules feedback process
    • Comment period during February / March, look for mail soon on this
  • Event planning for next year
    • June Faire?
      • We don't think so, but don't have the footing details yet and need to talk to a few people before we take it off the radar.
    • Lionhearts
      • Same site as Lionhearts / Sept. Crown last year
      • Muriel is autocrat
      • Kerij-e is planning to EqMIC
    • Emprise
      • Role discussion: What role do people want to take on for the Emprise?
      • Things we want to work on:
        Helmet Covers
        MEG Livery for ground crew
        Light lances
        More foam tips (and more joust training)
        Guild sunshade
        Caparison making
  • Website articles
    • Helmet covering
    • Tilt plans
    • Ring stands plans
  • Winter goals

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