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2008 July 24


Guillaume, Annisa, Antonio, Anne-Marie, Felicitae, Aeschine, Johannes, Rignach, Valkura, Giancarlo, Sebastien, Kerjie, Rapheal

1) surveys are passed around to get peoples input on the cancellation of the Emprise by the Crown

2) Ongoing activities/reports:

Aeschine reports on unofficial practices. None happened last month, she’s gotten no response from people. Would like todo something at Reber.
Rignach and Kerjie report of classes…none for the last month. Re-examine classes for preparing for the Emprise since the events cancellation
Guillaume reports that we now have a cool vinyl version of the Scroll of Death, and that he has some that he’ll be giving away as prizes in the future

3) Lionhearts report:

Rignach reports that there were 18 horses and 22 riders. It was fun and folks did a good job of helping. There was an online feedback form…fill it out if you haven’t already! We will get some money for Kerjies’ volunteer hours, about $1000. woot! Yay for the challenge course, yay for the secondary fence. No equipment problems except that the communal stuff setup and tear down all fell to Kerjie/Raph. Brainstorming ensues…we decide that clear expectations setup ahead of time would have helped, perhaps a sign up sheet for tasks, etc. we agree that it should be taken on an event by event basis.
Feedback forms said that people liked the activities, but next time we might arrange the physical layout a bit differently, and we’ll apply what we learned to future events!

4. Sept Crown [insert Guillaumes notes here] (one step at a time!)

5. Emprise report:

Sebastien (seneschal of Wyewood) gives us the timeline that led to the cancellation of our event, and explains why we cant just move the date (the calendar is VERY full of both SCA and non SCA events. Tehre’s a reason we picked the weekend we did!)
The group decides they want to do this for 2009 and take what we’ve done so far and play it forward for that.Guillaume will drive that effort.
Wyewood did NOT lose their deposit because Reber Ranch rocks. So no financial loss at least.
So what will the guild do in the short term?
Cystennin has suggested having the Emprise at Sept Crown
Miranda has suggested having the Emprise at Autumn War (at the Randle site)
Aeschine suggests having a practice at Reber that same weekend
Bev suggests a non SCA jousting tournament at Reber that same weekend
Guillaume says (and the group concurs) that the Emprise isn’t just the games, it’s the whole package. And we cant really just make it happen as part of another event.
The group concurs that having anything that walks like an Emprise or quacks like an Emprise, SCA or not on the Emprise weekend would make Wyewood look bad, so we’re not doing that. (tho if the war horse guild decides to do something that’s fine, as it's not an SCA event and it won't be us running it)
Felicitae suggests a non-sca trail ride retreat at Capitol forest that weekend. Doesn’t even vaguely look like an emprise but still gets us out playing with our ponies. We will discuss this on the list further.
Re: Autumn war, we don’t have critical mass to do a formal guild thang there (most folks wouldn’t be going anyway). Guillaume will tell Baron Aleksii.
Folks are interested in a practice at Reber, tho not the Emprise weekend (that quacks too much like an emprise). Aeschine will look into this.
In order to futher the goals of the guild and its members, we will be doing a flashy tournament (but not the emprise) at Sept Crown on Sunday. Rignach had already volunteered to do a Noblesse Oblige tournament, Guillaume will help her. The success of this activity will be very much helped by lots of pre-information and building up of hype.
Hopefully these activities will help guild members meet their goals even if our event got cancelled

Meeting adjourned!

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