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2008 February 28


Valkura, Giancarlo, Francesca, Johannes, Emily, Landinn, Anne-Marie, Constantia, Guillaume, Annisa, Rapheal, Kerij-e

Old Business

  • Winter website organization
    • some discussion regarding what is desired on the website:
      • local event information
      • names and heraldry of local equestrians
      • videos
  • informal (un-sanctioned) practices
    • potential practice on March 9...
  • February classes / report
    • trail and road safety class went well, 2nd portion was postponed

New Business

  • Pre-Emprise class schedule planning
    • Kerij-e and Rignach have a potential list of classes
    • other ideas discussed at the meeting include:
      • patterning a chamfron
      • making a metal chamfron
      • strap barding
      • helmet covering
      • camping with horses
      • heraldic consulting at Baronial social
    • on-location practices...
      • investigate -- at Reber Ranch, before the emprise.
      • investigate -- at Meadow Brook Farms, before Lionhearts or September crown.
    • for each of these, people indicated they would be willing to pitch in to help cover any site fee.

Also some interest in re-rigging the rings to be more groundcrew-friendly (work day?)

  • Business cards from Gwen (design, text, etc.)
    • MEG logo, website address, space to write
    • also an idea for "emprise" cards
  • Faire support invitation (Aug 2-3, 9-10, 16-17)
    • interest in some sort of sign-up sheet...

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