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2008 January 24


Guillaume, Annisa, Valkura, Giancarlo, Johannes, Emily, Anne-Marie, Rignach, Aeschine

Old Business

  • updated Winter Goals
  • Winter website organization
  • informal (un-sanctioned) practices
    • next un-sactioned practice will be Sunday, Feb. 3, at High Valley Equestrian in Issaquah, butts in saddle at high noon.

New Business

  • New class planning
    • New class in February: Trail Safety, tentatively Feb 9 or 10, Kathleen will send description to MEG list.
    • Rignach and Kerij-e will brainstorm schedule for Emprise-facing classes
  • 12th Night Equestrian Meeting report
    • An Tir Interim authorization rules (full description sent to MEG list, short version: we have no sanctioned events planned until June, we are not affected)
  • Discuss 2008 events
    • June Faire (early June)
    • Lionhearts (July)
    • Sept Crown (late August / early Sept)
    • Emprise (late Sept)
      • discussions with Wyewood Seneschal at 12th Night
      • Guillaume will go to Wyewood business meeting and discuss options
    • we have determined to not do a Recherche-like event in April. There will probably still be unsanctioned practice and other get-togethers.
  • Discuss 2008 practices
  • An Tir Book of Horse re-write feedback & input

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