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2007 October 25


Guillaume, Annisa, Anne-Marie, Kerij-e, Rapheal, Rignach

Old Business

  • October project night recap
  • Baronial Banquet display board
  • Emprise final thank-yous
  • proposed 2008 events
    • Recherche (need: branch, autocrat, eqmic)
    • June Faire (need: eqmic)
    • Lionhearts (need: eqmic)
    • Sept Crown (need: bid accepted by Madrone or Wyewood, eqmic)
    • Emprise (if we do it)

New Business

  • New classes
    • details for class to be taught by Gordon discussed, date, times, advertisement, etc.
    • other class ideas:
      • basic leatherworking (AM / Rapheal)
      • ask Thorkel if he would be willing to teach Norman 101
      • ask Bev if she would be willing to teach ecranche making
      • Hoof dissection
      • Invite Edward & Ilaria to teach classes of their choosing
  • Ongoing website organization
    • idea... per-century kit discussions, with a knowledgeable guide for each century
    • brainstorm re: how to organize the resources section (so much interesting stuff!)
    • website org crew?
      • Kerij-e
      • Rignach
      • Annisa
      • Guillaume
  • We are the recipients of some funds, from Wyewood. How shall we use it?
    • $100 to Madrone
    • save the rest for now, some ideas (permanent scroll of death!) discussed
  • Official Practice dates for 2008
    • postponed until we can determine whether our youngest rider would have to be excluded until June
  • Winter goals
    • recorded -- will post elsewhere

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