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2007 September 27


Giancarlo, Valkura, Elisabeth, Aeschine, Guillaume, Annisa, Anne-Marie, Olivia, Arthur, Rignach, Kerij-e, Rapheal

MEG Meeting: September 27, 2007

Old Business

  • Informal practices report

dates to be set aside for mounted/unmounted practices for '08

  • Banner painting party at september crown
  • Thursday night work parties / classes

work parties to continue once per month on every second Thursday

  • Official practice plans
  • "eq. champion" wrap-up conversation

Guillaume to write up a summary

  • Emprise De-brief / thank you's
    • feedback received / photos taken
    • tournament format / details
    • equipment
    • overall event planning
    • lessons learned
    • goals for the future / challenges to MEG for next year / how to get theres
    • Emprise VIII discussion w/ other branches

New Business

  • New classes to be run as Ithra classes
  • Events next year
    • Day of Tilt Deux?
    • Recherche Deux?
    • June Faire
    • Lionhearts
    • Sept Crown bids by local groups
  • Winter projects
    • presence in greater Madrone (social nights, banquet, A&S, etc.)
  • Pro photographer opportunity at Griffinwood in October, if there is interest

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