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MEG Meeting

2007 August 23


Guillaume, Annisa, Emily, Johannes, Aeschine, Walt, Carolyn, Marguerite, Felicitaie, Anne-Marie (met with after -- Rapheal, Rignach, Natalia)

Old Business

  • Report on informal practices
  • Emprise status (Guillaume / Countess E)
    • Banner painting party at september crown logistics
    • Thursday night work parties / classes
    • equipment check
    • heraldic involvement
    • pre-registration
    • vision and flow, discuss proposed schedule
    • Who from MEG is coming? Who can volunteer a bit?
    • What info do you need the most? What questions are highest priority to answer?
    • Hand out shields at september crown
  • Official practice plans (Felicitae/Rapheal)
  • continue "eq. champion" discussion

New Business

  • New classes to be run as Ithra classes
  • Events next year
    • Madrone to have meeting Sept 25 "what events shall we do next year"
    • What events would MEG like to propose?
      • Day of Tilt Deux? (joust training event)
      • June Faire 2008 (Rapheal to EqMIC, B&B wish to display Madrone banners, etc.)
      • Lionhearts (may be a day event, depending on bid)
      • Emprise VIII?
  • Personal invite from Baroness Brighid of Dragonslaire to come to their champions tourney (Saturday before Emprise)
  • Pro photographer opportunity at Griffinwood in October, if there is interest

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