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2007 July 26


Guillaume, Annisa, Elisabeth, Cire, Ragnarr, Bergdis, Walt, Carolyn, Anne-Marie, Rapheal, Stewart

Old Business

  • continue "eq. champion" discussion started last month
more discussion, including feedback from Their Excellencies... more discussion to come
  • Emprise demo
no action to take -- we will not be doing anything at Reber this Saturday
  • Emprise status (Guillaume / Countess E)
Detailed report on progress from Countess E. Looking forward to ground crew class on Tuesday at Wyewood FCS
  • Official practice dates (Felicitae)
Felicitae not present, however Rapheal agreed to be EqMIC at practices. First two were scheduled (19 August, 16 September). The Sept practice conflicts with Midhaven's, but as this will be a final Emprise tune-up this was deemed to be acceptable for this month only and other dates will be coordinated to not conflict
  • Informal practice dates (Aeschine)
informal practice (not sanctioned by the SCA) tentatively scheduled for next Wednesday evening, July 29
  • help the War Horse Guild dates (Guillaume)
per message from Gordon, there is some potential for paid staffing of the archery booth, otherwise ground crew are always welcome. dates are Aug 4-5, 11-12, 18-19. Will update if one date turns out to be more in need than others.
  • Report from MEG ambassadors to Midhaven champions tourney (Annisa, Anne-Marie, Guillaume)
MEG crew basically ran the tournament, and this was much appreciated.

New Business

  • June Faire 2008 invitation status (Guillaume)
Neb indicated that they would be pleased to allow us to stage from their property. Guillaume to accept Dragonslaire invitation.
  • Awareness of recent proclamations from the KEO
Master Togrul has clearly communicated his actions, so this is now a non-issue
  • Schedule upcoming classes (Kerij-e & Rignach)
Upcoming classes: caparison draping Aug 9, crest building Aug 16, both at chez Kerij-e & Rapheal. Too close to be offered as Ithra, so we will do it as stand-alone. Times to be determined.
  • Emprise equipment run-through
At scheduled official practices, and also at upcoming Tilt-parties: Aug 30, Sept 6, Sept 13.
  • Groundcrew class at Wyewood FCS July 31, 7:30

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