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2007 June 28


Aeschine, Felicitae, Marguerite, Guillaume, Annisa, Anne-Marie

Old Business

  • June Faire recap (Guillaume)
2 horses each day, demo looked very pretty with single color lances and caparisons. Two counter-tilts worked very well, as did the double barrier between field and crowd.
  • Lionhearts recap (Felicitae / Rapheal)
22 riders, 15 horses. A good event. Please fill out an after-event report.
  • Emprise demo status
this will not involve any horses
  • Emprise status (Guillaume / Countess E)
announcements are being sent out to horse lists, judges in place
idea: bonus points for helping out
to send out: list of games, crest requirements
to schedule: a dress rehearsal with all Emprise equipment, at a practice
  • Official practice status (Rapheal)
no new information
Felicitae is tasked with proposing dates for official MEG practices
Aeschine is tasked with proposing dates for informal MEG practices
  • Classes
The Guild would like to hold classes teaching equestrian related skills ahead of the Emprise of the Black Lion (caparison draping, crest building, etc.) and beyond (saddle making, 18th c. horse warfare, riding to music, bugle calls, etc.) We therefore are seeking a class coordinator to schedule this type of classes.

New Business

  • June Faire gifts
It was decided to offer the silver bracelets and nice Scythian art to the War Horse Guild crew, as a token of thanks for their hospitality.
  • June Faire 2008 invitation
The Guild agreed that we wished to accept the invitation to organize equestrian activities at June Faire 2008, provided that we check with Gordon & Neb regarding their willingness and to extend their hospitality.
Aeschine requests that we have a couple of practices before June Faire next year, to run through the proposed activities a few times as a rehearsal.
  • recap conversation with His Excellency Ragnarr
We have initiated a discussion regarding whether or not we wish to petition the Baron and Baroness to choose an equestrian champion. This discussion is ongoing and will be continued at the next meeting.
  • invitation to assist the War Horse Guild
The War Horse Guild will be performing at the Gig Harbor ren faire, and we are invited to come assist. Dates are August 4-5, 11-12 and 18-19, 2007
  • do we have "lancers" in Madrone? The website says we do...
correction to the website has been requested

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