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2007 May 24


AnneMarie, Raph, Kerij-e, Guillaume, Annisa, Carolyn, Felicitae, Aeschine, Rigchnal, Stefan, Natalie, Naomi, and Stuart.

Old Business

  • Recap of May 12th unsanctioned practice 6 horses and 8 riders. Practiced Jousting. Delays due to arena grooming.
  • Recap of May 13th workday 150+ jousting tips made. Painted jousting tubes. Made bases for tilt barrier. 9 people helped.
  • Recap of May Crown Wind, wind, wind. Learned lots about running jousting. Too many choices of weapons. Annisa's calligraphed "warning scroll" was terrific. Please fill out after-event forms.
  • June Faire Demo Status - Guillaume Limited parking. 3 shorts sets, 2 on Saturday, 1 on Sunday. 4 horses all out of Gordon and Nebs. None on site. Jousting, pigs, and berjas.
  • Lionhearts Status - Rapheal Preliminary schedule sent to autocrat, includings: trailrides, cavalry drills, field games, jousting, and a Sunday charge.
  • Emprise Status - Guillaume/Countess E All four judges have accepted. Announcements in progress.
  • Demo status - Countess E No information. Countess E, not in attendance. Mostly likely no horses due to insurance.
  • Official Practice Status - Rapheal Raph attended the city council meeting regarding the change of ownership of the park to the Snoqualmie tribe. Looks like it may be a good thing for the park. raph is investigating potential dates for future practices.

New Business

  • Election Guillaume was elected GuildHead and Felicitae as Steward.

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